Woman shot after pointing gun at officers at east Wichita hotel

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Update: A woman was shot by an officer after she pointed

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Update: A woman was shot by an officer after she pointed a gun at officers during a call at the Red Roof Inn Wednesday.

Police were responding to report of a stolen vehicle that was found in the hotel’s lot in the 7300 block of East Kellogg. A person in the area contacted officers, saying that the woman in the stolen car was involved.

Wichita police say have been numerous nuisance calls made about cars being broken into, drugs, and more at the Red Roof Inn. The series of events leading up to Wednesday’s shooting began as a follow up to some of those calls. Workers from the hotel told the responding officers that a woman had been breaking into cars. They spotted her in a stolen car, and that’s when she pulled a gun on the officers.

An officer fired a single shot, injuring the 35-year-old woman. She was taken to a local hospital. Police say she is expected to be okay.

“We’ve been over here the last several weeks, working a lot of nuisance complaints,” Wichita Police Department Patrol East Captain Kevin Kochenderfer said. “We served a nuisance letter out to the establishment here due to repeat calls of service.”

Kochenderfer said a business can only receive so many complaints in a certain amount of time.

“And there’s a lot of change that needs to be taking place and we need to sit down and discuss what needs to happen, or yes, we will close them down,” he said.

Kochenderfer said the WPD will be contacting the eastside Red Roof Inn to see what changes can be made, but the captain commended the officers for handling a situation that could’ve turned out worse.

“Overall, this could’ve been a lot worse,” he said. “…We don’t want to see anybody get any type of use of force happen on anybody, but like I said, she’s conscious and speaking with us right now.”

Wichita police are on the scene of an incident on East Kellogg.

Officers were called to the 7300 block of E. Kellogg shortly before noon on Wednesday.

When Eyewitness News arrived on the scene, a portion of the parking has been blocked off with crime scene tape and an ambulance was on the scene.

We are waiting for more details from the police about what happened.

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