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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST, WATTERS’ WORLD: Good night and welcome to this Particular Version of WATTERS’ WORLD, I am Jesse Watters.

Twenty years in the past, the unimaginable occurred. Practically 3,000 folks misplaced their lives on the morning of September 11, 2001. The deadliest act of terror within the U.S. historical past.

In Manhattan, planes crashed into the World Commerce Heart’s North and South Towers, sounds and pictures New Yorkers can always remember. These watching across the nation, even the world, knew this wasn’t an accident: The best nation on this planet was below assault.

That morning the heartache and chaos continued, a aircraft crash into The Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, People fought again towards the hijackers, and the aircraft crashed right into a discipline as an alternative of the terrorists’ meant goal.

The Twin Towers then collapsed. One of the crucial iconic skylines on this planet was modified without end, and so had been our lives. We had been at conflict.

Here is a glance again on the sights and sounds of those previous 20 years.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have now a really tragic alert for you proper now. An unimaginable aircraft crash into the World Commerce Heart right here on the decrease tip of Manhattan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One to The Pentagon, the center of our navy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Simply moments earlier than hijack, United Flight 93 was taken over by brave passengers and crashed into the bottom in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Todd Beamer was overheard saying these now well-known and fearless phrases, “Are you guys prepared? Let’s roll.”

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Particles raining down from 110 flooring up.

GEORGE W. BUSH, THEN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: At present, our fellow residents, our lifestyle, our very freedom got here below assault in a sequence of deliberate and lethal terrorist acts.

The victims had been in airplanes, had been of their places of work. These acts of mass homicide had been meant to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat, however they’ve failed.

Our nation is robust.

America immediately is on bended knee in prayer for the folks, the lives that had been misplaced right here, for the employees who work right here, for the households who mourn, this nation stands with the nice folks of New York Metropolis and New Jersey and Connecticut.

As we mourn the lack of 1000’s of our residents, and the individuals who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us quickly.


CROWD: (Chanting U.S.A.)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A few of the key suspects come to thoughts, Osama bin Laden.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All indicators they are saying are nonetheless pointing to Osama bin Laden.

BUSH: And tonight, the USA of America makes the next calls for on the Taliban. Ship to United States authorities all of the leaders of al-Qaeda who disguise in your land. These calls for should not open to negotiation or dialogue.

On my order, the USA navy has begun strikes towards al-Qaeda terrorist coaching camps and navy installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Taliban gone, the nation is safe, the nation is steady.

BARACK OBAMA, THEN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I’ve decided that it’s in our important nationwide curiosity to ship a further 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of the horror of 9/11 got here the hunt for its mastermind, al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

OBAMA: The US has performed an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qaeda.

CROWD: (Chanting U.S.A.)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 4 Taliban senior leaders as soon as detained at Guantanamo Bay, launched by the Obama administration in 2014 in a controversial prisoner swap for the discharge of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, kidnapped by the Taliban after deserting his Military publish.

OBAMA: Whatever the circumstances, no matter these circumstances might develop into, we nonetheless get an American soldier again if he’s held in captivity.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The 1,776 foot tall constructing is now an icon of Decrease Manhattan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The concrete there may be constructed to face up to pressures as much as 13,000 kilos per sq. inch. Nothing prefer it has ever been used.

DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I share the American folks’s frustration over a overseas coverage that has spent an excessive amount of time, vitality, cash, and most significantly lives, attempting to rebuild international locations in our personal picture.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The chance there’s going to be the Taliban over operating every little thing and proudly owning the entire nation is very unlikely.

After 20 years, I’ve discovered the onerous method that there was by no means a superb time to withdraw U.S. forces.

The reality is, this did unfold extra rapidly than we had anticipated.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our President and our authorities has deserted Americans behind enemy strains.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have got a failure. He did it for the political symbolism and all due to some disgusting try for a September 11 photo-op.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Twenty years in the past immediately, America got here below assault.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We bear in mind 9/11, and after we say always remember, that it is not only a phrase or a catchy phrase, that it is that we always remember the American unity that we felt after these days. That is what mattered. It was the response.

God Bless America and God bless her navy.


WATTERS: Becoming a member of me now to mirror, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik; former Deputy Undersecretary of Protection for Intelligence, and retired Lieutenant Normal Jerry Boykin, and retired Military Ranger, Congressman Brian Mast who additionally served in Afghanistan.

All proper, Commissioner Kerik, let’s start with you. You have seen it. You have been there. You skilled all of it, your ideas after 20 years.

BERNARD KERIK, FORMER NEW YORK POLICE COMMISSIONER: You already know, what, the ache, the anger, the frustration, it by no means goes away, it by no means dissipates, diminishes. You already know, there was a time that I used to be extraordinarily happy, you realize.

You already know, it is humorous, Jesse. I used to be on the base of Tower 2 when the second aircraft slammed by the north facet of that constructing and I used to be in my automotive when the President known as us earlier than anyone knew when October seventh we had been going into Afghanistan.

What bothers me immediately is that lower than two weeks in the past, simply earlier than the anniversary, the twentieth anniversary, we principally surrendered Afghanistan and gave it again to the Taliban. All that footage you simply confirmed in regards to the Afghans, in regards to the Taliban, in regards to the kidnappings, in regards to the confrontations, it is fairly upsetting. It is fairly disgusting.

WATTERS: It is upsetting. It is disgusting, and really emotional for anyone who watches any of those photographs nonetheless to at the present time.

Lieutenant Normal Boykin, your ideas after 20 years? I assume one factor is evident that taking the struggle to the enemy was efficient within the sense that the USA has not sustained one other mass casualty terror assault on the homeland since 9/11, however after what we have seen on this final month, that would change.


Hear, I believe we had no different however to do what we did below the Bush management. We needed to go in, we needed to struggle again. We had let to many of those assaults go actually unpunished, I assume.

You already know, the bombing of the Cole and that kind of factor, we had not executed every little thing that we may to try to deter future terrorism, however I’ll let you know that so far as I’m involved, I agree with Bernie. I believe that the truth that we pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years in a dishonorable method, that was not an honorable departure — a dishonorable method — that we now have now misplaced loads of allies.

However extra importantly, we have inspired the phobia community around the globe as a result of the message that they’re getting is that Islam wins. The Nice State has been introduced down after 20 years of persistence. And that, I believe, makes us extra weak.

WATTERS: You touched on it as a result of it’s an ideological conflict that we’re preventing. It is good versus evil. Congressman Mast, you had been Military Ranger in Afghanistan. You noticed the enemy up shut head to head. That is what it was. It was kill or be killed, and lots of people do not perceive that.

REP. BRIAN MAST (R-FL): No. We went into this decided with goals each evening on the battlefield, those who had been on patrol each day. You had missions that you simply had been going out setting your self and your brothers and sisters alongside you on a path to perform or as they are saying, you are coming residence in your protect a technique or one other, you are coming residence as a victor or in your protect.

And we went out that method each evening, misplaced buddies, misplaced brothers, noticed them come residence with out their eyesight or burned throughout huge percentages of their physique, or lacking limbs, or to have their household be handed a folded flag, and we did not exit with the identical dedication.

No one may say that man, America actually left Afghanistan unintimidated as they went on in on September twelfth, of 2001 — September twelfth of 2021. Sure, they’re simply as unintimidated, they’re simply as decided. No one can say that due to the leaders that liken themselves as rulers proper now that exhibits the tactic to take away us from Afghanistan.

WATTERS: And the sloppy and dumb departure actually prices us large propaganda victory to the jihadists.

So, I simply need to give everyone about 20 or 30 seconds. I am going to start with you Commissioner Kerik, a very powerful lesson of 9/11, in your opinion is what?

KERIK: Do not let folks into this nation that desires the demise of this nation, and I worry that 200,000 Afghans that the Biden administration is now permitting to come back in.

WATTERS: I agree. Immigration is crucial in preventing the conflict on terror. You possibly can’t get round that even when we’re surrounded by oceans, you can’t get round that.

All proper, Lieutenant Normal, your key takeaway from 9/11.

BOYKIN: Do not underestimate your adversary, and I believe that is precisely what we did and so they’re coming again. And do not consider them as only a seventh Century group. They’re extra subtle than we give them credit score for.

WATTERS: Sure, they’re subtle and armed to the tooth as a result of we gave them billions of our newest weaponry. Congressman Mast, I am going to provide the final phrase.

MAST: I am going to steal from President Reagan, peace is our highest aspiration, we’ll struggle for it, sacrifice for it, die for it, however we’ll by no means give up for it. At the very least up thus far, we by no means would. We have now an administration proper now that appears to carry the white flag of give up. That is not America. The remainder of us know the way we struggle.

WATTERS: Amen. You guys are all nice patriots, and it’s an honor having you three right here on WATTERS’ WORLD on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. Thanks a lot, gents.

KERIK: Thanks.

BOYKIN: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: After 9/11, the vicious left vilified America as an alternative of uniting behind our nice nation, and these despicable assaults. Hear.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You assume they know the place Osama bin Laden is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And it is arms off.

MOORE: Completely.


MOORE: Completely. As a result of he is funded by their buddies in Saudi Arabia. He’s again dwelling together with his sponsors, his benefactors.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am going to consider in al-Qaeda, I am going to consider within the Boogeyman.

BILL MAHER, TALK SHOW HOST: You do not assume bin Laden knocked down the World Commerce Heart?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Completely not.

MAHER: Come on.

We have now been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That is cowardice. Staying within the airplane when it hits the constructing, say what you need about it, not coward.

ROSEANN BARR, ACTRESS: Radical Christianity is simply as threatening as radical Islam.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People are puzzled over why so many individuals on this planet hate us, we appear so good to ourselves. It could be higher if we found out easy methods to behave as a nation in a method that would not make so many individuals on this planet need to kill us.


WATTERS: Becoming a member of us now to debate is former senior adviser to Trump, Stephen Miller.

So, as a lot as issues change, Stephen, issues keep the identical. You hear the identical kind of blame America first commentary immediately from the left. It may very well be much more widespread. In your opinion, the place does this come from?

STEPHEN MILLER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE ADVISER: It’s such an necessary query. It comes from the concept that actually began again within the 60s and within the 70s with the Marxist left in regards to the concept of America as an evil colonial imperial energy. And sadly, that concept has develop into mainstreamed within the progressive motion.

All of us bear in mind after 9/11 when there was a phase of the American left that stated that we had introduced it on ourselves. It was twisted, it was demented, it was insane, however they stated it.

You already know, I went to a really far left highschool. I used to be a junior in highschool after we had been attacked by terrorists on 9/11, and I vividly bear in mind the anti-American propaganda that swept by my college from the lecturers, from folks in administration and amongst a few of the college students as effectively, too.

And now we’re seeing that very same sort of anti-American propaganda take root by issues like crucial race idea, for instance. And this is why it issues a lot.

As a result of if we do not train our younger folks to like our nation, if we do not train our younger those who America is a righteous nation, then we will be unable to take care of the protection of our nation. We’ll develop apathetic to our protection, to our safety, to our sovereignty, to our borders, to all of it, and that alone will likely be what makes it potential for our enemies to defeat us.

WATTERS: That is precisely proper. I could not have stated it any higher myself and was reminded of that unity immediately. This morning, I went to Starbucks to get some espresso with my daughter, and as we had been ready for the coffees to come back, the barista yells “8:46 a.m. Proper now was when the primary aircraft hit the Commerce Heart. Let’s have a second of silence.”

And everyone within the Starbucks, black, white, wealthy, poor, stopped, put our heads down and we had been silent for about 30 seconds. And also you overlook about that kind of unity that we had 20 years in the past. There was much less racial animosity. There was much less political division. Folks liked the police. They went as much as officers and shook their arms.

MILLER: Sure. It is so necessary.

WATTERS: We have to get again to that, Stephen, as a result of if we do not have that, we do not have something.

MILLER: We can’t survive if we do not.

WATTERS: I am going to provide the final phrase.

MILLER: We can’t survive if we do not. If we maintain letting the left tear us aside by race, divide us towards legislation enforcement, divide us towards our personal historical past and our heritage, this nation will not survive, as a result of our personal youth will not care sufficient to guard it. They will not care sufficient to defend it.

And I’ll let you know this, when the propaganda coming from our enemies bears a hanging resemblance to the propaganda now being taught in each single main college district virtually in America, you realize we now have an issue. And if we do not do one thing about it, then disgrace on us.

So get up for what we consider in our faculties, get up for it in our locations of presidency, get up for in your communities, as a result of if we do not love this nation, and the individuals who shield and defend it, then this experiment won’t final lengthy.

WATTERS: Completely. Stephen Miller, thanks for approaching WATTERS’ WORLD.

MILLER: Thanks.

WATTERS: Joe Biden and Donald Trump face off on 9/11, proper again.



BIDEN: Seventy % of the American folks assume it was time to get out of Afghanistan spending all that cash. However the flip of it’s, they did not like the best way we bought out. Nevertheless it’s onerous to elucidate to anyone how else may you get out?

TRUMP: With the twentieth anniversary and I watched the speeches and never one individual spoke about the truth that three days in the past, we fled Afghanistan and we left People behind and others, too, and we left $85 billion value of the most effective tools ever made.

Whoever considered this, a five-year-old would have stated the navy goes out final and that is what they needed. They could not consider they had been leaving.

So, it was gross incompetence.

He went to a few locations — all three locations. He went to the Pentagon, went to Pennsylvania. He got here right here and he did not converse.


WATTERS: President Biden utilizing a 9/11 photo-op to defend his disastrous Afghanistan exit. He bought heckled, did not even actually converse. He launched a pre-recorded video.

However President Trump was celebrated. He was mobbed by the FDNY and paid a tribute to the NYPD. Many known as out Biden for failing in Afghanistan, as you simply heard.

Becoming a member of me now, retired Military Infantry Captain and U.S. Senate candidate for the nice state, my residence state of Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell; and FOX Information contributor, Lara Trump.

All proper, Lara, women first. We all know Joe blew it with the withdrawal and did not have the abdomen to talk reside on the twentieth anniversary as a Commander-in-Chief, after which threw up a fundamental diversion with the vaxx mandate three days in the past. It is not sitting effectively with the American folks. How do you see it?

LARA TRUMP, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR: Effectively, it does not sit effectively with me both. At present, was a day the place we wanted to listen to from the President of the USA. Twenty years in the past immediately, all of us bear in mind the place we had been. Everyone knows how life modified without end, it can by no means be the identical.

And for some cause immediately, I personally discovered myself extra impacted than I’ve been in earlier years on 9/11. There was one thing very particular about immediately, and it was the day to listen to from the President of the USA whether or not you voted for him or not. It was an actual disgrace that Joe Biden didn’t tackle America in a reside speech.

However I believe you are proper, Jesse. He’s doing every little thing potential to distract People from the entire and complete catastrophe that was the withdrawal he directed from Afghanistan. We all know there are nonetheless People left behind. We all know that now we now have opened up a Pandora’s Field principally of terrorist exercise within the Center East.

And while you hear Normal Mark Milley say it’s not a query of if, however after we are attacked on American soil as soon as once more by terrorists, immediately is a day that it actually, actually remind you simply how horrific that may very well be.

WATTERS: Sure, I’ve bought chills all day, Lara. There is no doubt about that.

Sean, this was presupposed to be an enormous day for the Biden presidency. He was supposed to shut the e-book on this 20-year conflict, America’s longest conflict, however as a result of he needed this photo-op immediately, he booted the exit and now, we’re confronted with God is aware of what, and nobody trusts this man anymore, the Commander-in-Chief.

SEAN PARNELL (R), SENATORIAL CANDIDATE FOR PENNSYLVANIA: I imply, and what number of occasions do I’ve to say this? President Trump is precisely proper. Joe Biden, each step of the best way has gotten the Afghan withdrawal completely incorrect, proper? I simply turned 40 in July. I have been out entrance with President Trump saying it is time to attract down in that nation and it’s time to do it responsibly. We have been at conflict in Afghanistan for half of my life, however it didn’t need to occur like this.

I imply, take into consideration this. Who takes — a five-year-old as President Trump stated is aware of this — who takes the navy out of a rustic that you realize you are withdrawing from earlier than Americans and our allies? He closed Bagram Airfield, 13 People are useless, tons of extra of our allies are harm, wounded, and useless.

On the best way out America’s final act in Afghanistan, he killed an assist employee and a whole household after which had the gall to trot out to the rostrum and say that every one of this was a rare success.

So immediately, on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, Joe Biden principally put in a terrorist tremendous state in some of the rugged hostile locations on the planet. So, we’re speaking about Joe Biden aiding and abetting terrorist teams just like the Taliban, the Haqqani Community, Hekmatyar, al-Qaeda — they’re all operating the present in Afghanistan proper now and Joe Biden owns all of it.

And I am going to let you know what’s much more offensive than that, Jesse, is that he’s attempting to normalize relations with the Taliban and these terrorists on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. And it’s a slap within the face to everyone who fought for this nation and each household who misplaced a liked one on this 20- yr conflict.

WATTERS: Sure, Biden saying, oh, we now have such an incredible businesslike relationship with the Taliban. He does not have an excellent relationship with half the nation.

PARNELL: Unbelievable.

WATTERS: I believe that is an understatement.

PARNELL: Precisely.

WATTERS: Lara, Sean, thanks guys a lot.

PARNELL: Thanks, Jesse.

L. TRUMP: Thanks.

WATTERS: Newt Gingrich, subsequent.


WATTERS: The collapse of Joe Biden. His failures simply maintain piling up. He cannot maintain it collectively, not to mention run the nation.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete disaster. He promised to not strand People, however he did. Now, he has to barter with terrorists simply to get our folks out. Whereas Marines coffins got here residence, checked his watch, then blew up a gathering with the fallen members of the family who simply stormed out distraught.

He promised to close down the virus. Do not forget that? Declared victory this summer season, solely to see one other surge.

He declared a conflict on the unvaxxed, punishing People with mandates he promised he’d by no means do.

Biden visited hurricane Ida injury this week in New Jersey and stated everyone was completely happy he was there. Nobody stated a nasty factor — one other lie.


BIDEN: None of them had been shouting or complaining. Each one in all them had been thanking me as if it was one thing particular. I imply it sincerely, that I used to be right here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For this man to drag this? To go away them in ruins and go away People behind. [Bleep]. Go away People behind.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is [bleep] loopy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He’ll go away you behind. You guys, defending him, go away you guys behind.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go away no American behind.


WATTERS: The border is totally uncontrolled. Up to now, fiscal yr 2021, one level three million illegals tried to cross the border, and that is simply those we discovered about.

The crime wave is operating rampant in liberal cities throughout the nation — Portland, Atlanta, LA, Seattle. Capturing is up massive. Joe’s plan to cease the shootings did not work.

The terrible August jobs report, one other massive miss. The financial system needs to be rebounding a lot stronger. Inflation is killing folks, because of Biden breaking the financial institution. The inflation price this summer season was the best it has been in 13 years. Gasoline, beef, rooster, particularly rooster, all costing folks much more cash.

Biden’s ballot numbers tanking in all places. His approval ranking is down 10 factors from April, and now, a brand new report saying White Home staffers flip off or mute their TVs when Joe is talking as a result of they’re anxious he will mess up. And they need to be? As a result of he is been messing up rather a lot.

He is confused, telling lies. Clearly, he isn’t the one calling the photographs.


BIDEN: I need to thank the previous common — I maintain calling him common, my — the man who runs that outfit over there.

I am sorry, I will get in bother with employees if I do not do that the proper method.

And your Congresswoman, is that this your district —


BIDEN: Oh, it is loopy.

I am presupposed to cease and stroll out of the room right here.


WATTERS: Becoming a member of me now, former Speaker of the Home, FOX Information contributor and creator of the brand new e-book “Past Biden” out in November — November 2nd and obtainable for preorder proper now. I am positively going to be preordering that, Mr. Newt Gingrich.

All proper, Speaker, are we wanting in the beginning of a failed presidency?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, sure. I believe past doubt, what you might have is a President who — I believe Ted Cruz captured it when he stated he has the radicalism of George McGovern and the incompetence of Jimmy Carter all wrapped into one.

And “The Every day Mail” ran a headline that stated, “Biden declares conflict on 80 million People.” I believed that captured it. I imply, that is actually insane. How do you exit — that is each fourth American — and the way do you exit as a President of the USA, intentionally divide your nation, condemn your individual folks?

You already know, he says good issues in regards to the Taliban. They’re environment friendly, they’re courteous. They’re getting the job executed. We are able to depend on them. After which he assaults People, which on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is type of the other of what you’d anticipate. You’d assume the President will likely be anti- Taliban and pro-American.

So, I imply, I believe he’s in bother, and I do not know that there is any simple method for him to get out of it as a result of the world is closing in on him.

WATTERS: He is perceived as weak due to the Afghanistan state of affairs.

So now, he’s Mr. Powerful Man with COVID and he takes out this anger on the American folks and preventing them tougher than he is fought the Chinese language, the Taliban, just about everyone and it’s only a divide and conquer technique. And it units him up, so when COVID naturally goes down, he’s going to take credit score for it. Is that the technique?

GINGRICH: Effectively, I believe that is a part of the technique. They face the fact that they’ve had about as many COVID instances in a yr the place they’d vaccines as Trump did in a complete yr the place he didn’t have any vaccines. So, they haven’t made any progress that Biden had promised us within the marketing campaign, and I believe they’re enormously pissed off.

However I believe it goes deeper than that. You need to acknowledge that Biden actually resents the American folks. He resents their independence. He resents their concern in regards to the border, which they are not supposed to speak about. He resents their anger about Afghanistan, which you are presupposed to overlook.

So each time you flip round, Biden has this sense, I believe, snubbed and sort of betrayed. He thought everyone would love him. He’d be Uncle Joe, it will all work. That is not what is going on on proper now.

And I believe that they are about to face in Congress an actual disaster, as a result of they’d this Massive Authorities socialist invoice of $3.5 trillion. They only had the second unhealthy month in a row of producer worth inflation, and greater than two-thirds of all People assume that it is loopy to extend spending at a time of inflation that simply drives costs up. So, I will be very curious to see the Democrats come again from this distinct interval and what they heard from again residence, as a result of I believe loads of it is rather adverse.

WATTERS: I might positively agree with that, and also you’re precisely proper. The man was handed a vaccine, a recovering financial system. He has booted each and now, he takes it out on the American folks. It is too far gone at this level. If he does not get this $3.5 trillion factor executed, he is toast. That is all they’ve.

If they do not spend their method out of this jam, they are going to don’t have anything, and it is shaping as much as be a massacre within the midterms. And Biden’s solely instrument to make use of is cracking down on the mass unvaxxed as a option to sort of excuse his personal incompetence.

I am going to provide the final phrase, rapidly.

GINGRICH: Effectively, look, bear in mind, he’s completely hypocritical. They’ve apparently already stated that the 640,000 members of the Postal Unions do not need to be vaccinated. Now, clarify why that makes any sense. These are the folks go round to your complete nation. They do not need to be vaccinated?

And naturally the unlawful immigrants do not need to be vaccinated. Folks popping out of Afghanistan do not need to be vaccinated. However boy, should you’re a standard on a regular basis American, Joe Biden is coming for you.

WATTERS: That is proper.

GINGRICH: And it ain’t going to work in a free society as a result of meaning we’ll come for Joe Biden.

WATTERS: The Postal Service, you’ll be able to’t upset them. They need to ship out these mail ballots, Speaker, you realize.

GINGRICH: That is precisely proper.

WATTERS: That is a very powerful factor.

All proper, thanks a lot. And take a look at Newts new e-book, you possibly can preorder it proper now.

GINGRICH: Good to be with you.

WATTERS: All proper. A white liberal with a monkey masks commits a hate crime towards Larry Elder, the left silent; whereas Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel let unfastened on vaccines.


WATTERS: Larry Elder is operating for Governor of California, a recall election as a result of Gavin Newsom is mismanaging the entire state. So, whereas visiting a homeless encampment, Elder, who’s black, was confronted by a mob of violent protesters. A lady carrying a gorilla masks by an egg at him, practically hit him, and punches had been thrown. Watch this.


WATTERS: Did she know not easy methods to curse? Elder could be the primary black governor of California if elected, however the mainstream media ignoring this racist assault. Many name it a hate crime. I spoke with Larry Elder about it.


LARRY ELDER (R), CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: If I had been a Democrat, clearly, this is able to be known as systemic racism. They’d be calling it a hate crime. I do not wish to play that recreation.

I knew throughout all this, there was an enormous article about me, a adverse in “The New York Occasions.” It by no means as soon as talked about that I am black, by no means as soon as talked about that I might be the primary black governor of California.


WATTERS: So FOX Information has reached out to Gavin Newsom, to Nancy Pelosi, to Maxine Waters — no relation — Adam Schiff, Dianne Feinstein, to see in the event that they condemn this hate crime, clearly a hate crime. We’ve not heard again.

Becoming a member of me now for extra on this, former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Crickets, Congresswoman, crickets.

MICHELE BACHMANN, FORMER U.S. REPRESENTATIVE: Crickets is correct. We are able to hear it all around the world.

Jesse, this was a deliberate racist assault by the Democrat machine towards a black candidate, Larry Elder. This was the Gavin Newsom marketing campaign below that racist masks. In truth, you possibly can virtually say that is Gavin Newsom below that racist masks.

That is critical. This is not a small factor. The Democratic Get together cannot be screaming racism at Republicans once they’re really the racist below a gorilla masks. You do not trip round on a motorcycle with an egg in your hand. And this wasn’t some random assault, this was the Democratic marketing campaign of Gavin Newsom sanitizing this factor, appearing racist with this egg. This can be a violent assault.

It was solely as a result of she had a poor arm that this egg did not hit the again of Larry Elder’s head. This is able to be very painful to have one thing like this occur. They needed it to be embarrassing, however the embarrassment is on Gavin Newsom. He has to elucidate why he has a racist marketing campaign.

WATTERS: Sure, and they’re nonetheless attempting to nail down this lady — her id, her ties to the Newsom marketing campaign, however he hasn’t stated something about it. Nothing, has not condemned it.

BACHMANN: Sure, it does not matter what her id is. It is Gavin Newsom below that racist masks. That is who it’s.

WATTERS: I need to play another video. It is gone all over. Howard Stern, who I like and Jimmy Kimmel. They’re simply going nuts about folks with COVID going to hospitals. They do not even need them to be admitted. Hear.


JIMMY KIMMEL, TALK SHOW HOST: Dr. Fauci stated that if hospitals get any extra overcrowded, they are going to need to make some very powerful decisions about who will get an ICU mattress. That selection does not appear so powerful to me. Vaccinated individual having a coronary heart assault? Sure. Come proper on in. We’ll deal with you. Unvaccinated man who wolfed horse good, relaxation in peace, wheezy,

HOWARD STERN, RADIO SHOW HOST: Anybody who’s unvaccinated and must be within the hospital for COVID, they need to simply say no, we’re sorry. We informed you to get vaccinated and also you did not. So that you’re executed. That is it. Go residence.


WATTERS: I am unable to inform in the event that they’re joking, Michele. These guys are comedians. However let People die? I am not so positive if that appears too good.

BACHMANN: Effectively, they’re morally superior to the remainder of us, clearly, however they by no means reply the query ever. What about all of the People who’ve sturdy immunities and antigens already of their physique? If they’d get a vaccine, it may probably be harmful for them layering a vaccine on prime of an individual who already has immunities.

In order that they by no means take a look at the variables, however they’re at all times proper as a result of they’re higher than we’re. They’re morally superior.

WATTERS: All proper, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, thanks for becoming a member of WATTERS’ WORLD on this 9/11 anniversary. We respect it.

BACHMANN: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: Highway rage, Waffle Home brawls, and a really, essential message about brushing your tooth that I simply did not know, “Triple Play” subsequent.


WATTERS: Time for “Triple Play.” Up first, insane highway rage. Issues bought actual heated on the freeway in SeaTac Washington. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A dude simply rammed that man. [Bleep]. For actual? Oh, yo, it’s happening.


WATTERS: Wow, so this mad driver apparently attempting to mow down the opposite driver who bought out of his automotive. You by no means get out of your automotive. He’s throwing rocks on the different automotive, barely escapes into the bushes.

Becoming a member of me now, FOX Information contributor, Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, you realize when a highway rage scene occurs, you by no means go away the car.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: By no means. By no means. You already know, you’ve got heard of the “Quick and Livid.” That is the quick and the injurious, Jesse. These persons are loopy. Is it the lockdowns? What’s it?

And you realize, on 9/11, we must always mirror on what’s occurred to us? Our civility? You and I coated a narrative in Baltimore a number of weeks in the past. Now that was a love spat the place the lady was attempting to run down her boyfriend. Right here we go once more, attempting to kill People.

What’s going on? What is going on to occur when the Biden bucks dry up?

WATTERS: And this does not appear to be — sure, no, this does not even appear to be a love spat. However —


WATTERS: What do I do know? Waffle Home state of affairs. You have been dying to speak Waffle Home for us.

ARROYO: I’ve been.

WATTERS: Raymond — all Raymond sends me is Waffle Home brawls. Raymond, why did you ship me this loopy video?

ARROYO: Effectively, a bit of it’s, you realize while you go to Waffle Home, you’ll be able to at all times get a facet of concussion along with your breakfast, Jesse. I imply, this isn’t the primary time this sort of factor has occurred.

You have bought these folks hazing one another, then the worker grabs this man punches the hell out of him. He punches again.

However look, final yr, seven folks had been in a brawl. Then in 2019, there was a knife struggle between workers. After which I coated a narrative the place a man fell out of the ceiling tiles butt bare.

Steer clear of Waffle Home. Be very cautious should you go.

WATTERS: Effectively, one thing is up at Waffle Home, they could be placing one thing within the fountain soda.

All proper, we simply bought this video sizzling off the presses, Dana Perino despatched it in.


WATTERS: That is Laborious Rock Stadium. There’s — we have got to rewrap that. There’s a cat dangling — rewrap that. There’s a cat dangling from the second stage of the stadium. They catch it, they make a bit of — what do they name that factor? I do not know. Little catch stack.

ARROYO: I do not consider it.

WATTERS: Look, they save this feline’s life. Cat has 9 lives, Raymond.

ARROYO: Effectively, you realize he may have gone to Waffle Home and splattered all over. Folks fall out of the ceiling on a regular basis from there, however I do not fairly know, what do you do with this?

To start with, why are they dropping? Are they dropping the cat? Or did it throw itself off the balcony as a result of it will probably’t be that unhealthy.

WATTERS: You are saying the cat is suicidal. I did not say it.

ARROYO: Possibly.

WATTERS: Raymond thinks, he is had sufficient a Joe Biden, simply launched himself off.

All proper, thanks Raymond. I’ve bought to run.

ARROYO: Thanks, my good friend.

WATTERS: Up subsequent, “Final Name.”


WATTERS: As we go away you tonight on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, a Tribute in Lights shining vivid over the Manhattan skyline to honor those that misplaced their lives.

On at the present time in 2001, our nation was modified without end. People got here collectively, united within the widespread aim of defeating evil.

So to those that defend our nice nation abroad and inside our borders, we salute you, and we love you.

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