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When the snow melts away and spring arrives, Jackson Park Pool will be

When the snow melts away and spring arrives, Jackson Park Pool will be a major project focus for the Vienna Department of Parks and Recreation. (Photo by Jenna Pierson)

VIENNA — The Parks and Recreation Department in the city of Vienna is in the process of creating a plan, which if approved, will make key improvements to several facilities.

Vienna Parks Director Steve Black highlighted an upcoming Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the city of Vienna, which will begin this spring and extend into the future.

A major point of focus for the department is the Jackson Park Pool, which has been a summer staple since 1963 and is slated to open June 7, 2021, barring any governmental restrictions or unexpected issues.

“I have to do a number of repairs,” Black said.

Totaling $22,000, Black has sent one of two necessary pool pumps to be fixed and plumbing in the pump room, concession area and bathrooms needs to be remediated — these are seen as fixes to only temporarily postpone greater structural issues.

“We are fortunate in a way we had social distance and we could shut down without getting in trouble by alternating shut offs of urinals and toilets … we had lots of leaks,” Black said.

In the future, Black hopes that other major projects will be able to occur — the fixing of the concrete deck around the pool, a zero entry pool and a splash pad are some aspirations for the department.

“It is for little kids [zero entry pool], their moms can get in there with them … kids love these things,” Black said.

Black will propose the larger, comprehensive plan to Vienna City Council at today’s meeting and address the need for major funding for the pool in the near future.

In the council session, Black will also reveal multiple placed bids for the resurfacing of the tennis and basketball courts, as well as an overlay in lining to create a place to play pickleball.

“It’s a wild thing, but it’s pretty cool,” Black said of the possible new sport addition, which combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton.

An additional bid is open for the establishment of a 13-person Crossfit rig, which will be placed next to the current outdoor adult exercise facility at Jackson Park if approved and will cater to a wide variety of ages.

“There’s a variety of things for sit-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups …” Black said. “This will be a great addition.”

Other hopeful projects to be completed in the future include a handicapped accessible restroom at Spencer’s Park, the placement of a bid for new Christmas lighting displays, a new swing set in Jackson Park and an outdoor soccer complex for the youth, who are currently playing soccer on the baseball fields.

“There is a need for the older kids,” Black said. “The demand for soccer has really picked up.”

For all of the projects, money has been appropriated in the budget and the motions are awaiting council approval.

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