Since its founding over 140 years ago, The Legal Aid Society Bronx has been steadfastly committed to ensuring equal access to justice for all, regardless of an individual’s income, race or ethnicity. Through its steadfast dedication to helping those in need, The Legal Aid Society Bronx has become a stalwart in the fight for justice, providing a wide range of essential legal services to those who otherwise may not have access.

The Legal Aid Society Bronx

Is an integral part of its community, serving the Bronx and the greater New York City area. Its team of knowledgeable attorneys and advocates offers expert legal advice, information, and representation to low-income individuals and families across several areas of law, including housing, family law, immigration, criminal defense, and civil rights.

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At the Core of The Legal Aid Society Bronx

Mission is a commitment to social justice, fairness, and equality. The organization recognizes that many low-income individuals and families face critical legal issues and cannot afford private attorneys. With this in mind, The Legal Aid Society offers free legal representation to those in need, ensuring that everyone has access to the legal system and just representation.

One of the areas where The Legal Aid Society excels is housing law. The organization provides essential legal services to tenants facing eviction, illegal lockouts, and lack of heat or hot water. The Legal Aid Society advocates for its clients, helping them understand their rights and defend their interests in court.

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Moreover, The Legal Aid Society Bronx

Provides extensive support for individuals and families dealing with family law cases, including child support, custody disputes, and domestic violence cases. The organization’s Family Law Practice provides comprehensive representation, guiding its clients through the court system and ensuring that they receive a fair and just outcome.

The Legal Aid Society Bronx

Also has a robust immigration services department, helping individuals navigate the complexities of the immigration, and naturalization processes. Offering services including advice, legal aid, and representation, the organization has been instrumental in securing legal status, work authorization, and asylum for many of those it serves.

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Over The Years, The Legal Aid Society Bronx

Has achieved significant legal victories for its clients, including preventing wrongful evictions, defending the rights of the accused, securing custody of children for their parents, and challenging policies and practices that perpetuate inequality and racial injustice.

The Legal Aid Society stands as a testament to the power of the legal system to promote social justice and equal opportunity. Its unwavering dedication to its community and its mission make it an essential institution in the Bronx, providing essential support and guidance to the underserved and vulnerable populations it serves. If you are in need of legal aid or representation, reach out to The Legal Aid Society for help.

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