Hotel workers union launches blitz for Adams, Johnson

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President and a Democratic mayoral candidate, speaks in the Bronx in New York City. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images


A union representing city hotel workers, whose livelihoods were devastated by Covid-19, is planning a $2 million push on ads and voter outreach for mayoral candidate Eric Adams, comptroller hopeful Corey Johnson and a slate of City Council contenders.

The initiative will be run by longtime union strategist Neal Kwatra through the political action committee Hotel Workers for Stronger Communities, which has $1 million on

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New York City Government Workers Offered Travel Buddies

New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio

says that crime on the subway is low, but his office is still launching a travel-buddy program for government employees who feel unsafe commuting to work.

The city announced the program in an April 30 email to employees ahead of an estimated 80,000 government workers returning on a rotating schedule to their offices this month. Most municipal offices had been closed over the past year because of Covid-19 lockdown measures.

Returning employees have the option of signing up to be matched as travel partners with another worker in their neighborhood, according to

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Ahead of busy travel season, airline and hotel workers say they are already stretched to their limit

As more Americans get vaccinated and more states lift their restrictive measures, the travel and tourism sector is already finding itself behind the curve, with employees from hotels to airport coffee shops saying they are stretched to their limit.

“Between January and today, the amount of people that are flying now is absolutely asinine, it’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it, not yet, maybe summer,” said Dymond Blossom, a flight attendant for a regional subsidiary of American Airlines. As of March, her hours have nearly doubled, she said.

While Blossom said she is happy to see the airlines recovering, “mask policing”

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The Workers Who Can’t Commit to a Vacation

After canceling a trip to St. Lucia last March and largely staying put for more than a year, Saira Pasha is finally starting to let herself daydream about a summer vacation. Kind of.

The single mom and medical malpractice attorney in Schaumburg, Ill., has felt welded to her computer all pandemic, trying to build her own business. She can imagine getting on a plane, exploring somewhere new with her daughter. But not working at all?

“A true vacation, where I don’t do anything?” she asks. “I don’t think I could do that for one week.”

Saira Pasha last June, during

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Rebooted summer recreation program needs workers | Local News

After COVID-19 shut down traditional summer recreation programs for Hermitage students last year, city and school district officials are rebooting the programs for the summer. With the pandemic improving, they hope to conduct a traditional summer recreation program, following whatever masking or social distancing guidelines are prescribed.

With costs shared by the city and Hermitage School District, the summer program runs from June 14 through July 31. It typically registers 300 to 400 students. Indoor and outdoor activities include tennis, basketball, softball, kickball, and swimming, as well as science, art, and music projects. 

This year, city officials need about 15

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Do Cuyahoga County workers get more holidays and vacation than other workers?

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish proposes giving county workers a 12th paid holiday: Juneteenth, on June 19, which celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the United States.

Given that the county — one of the largest employers in the Cleveland area — already provides more holidays than the U.S. average of eight as of 2018, and The Plain Dealer sought more information about how the county’s time-off benefits compare to other employers.

Two human resource professors who spoke with the news outlet about Budish’s proposal said employers are increasingly seeking to provide more flexibility in leave

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