Remote Work From a Luxury Hotel in Los Angeles Worth Its Price

Remote work has been a hot topic since the start of COVID-19, and more companies are now offering full-time remote or flexible work options.

My workstation at Hotel Figueroa.

Brittany Chang/Insider

To cash in on this trend, Los Angeles-based Hotel Figueroa launched its “work perks” program in early June, and about two to three guests use the program every week, Connie Wang, the hotel’s managing director, told Insider in an email statement.


Hotel Figueroa.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The hotel received a “very positive response” last summer when the program was first unveiled, and its popularity only continued into the fall, according

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Post-Pandemic Vacations Will Blend Work with More Family Time

The future of business travel is shaping up to be one of the big unanswered questions of the economic reopening. At the same time, many people are eagerly planning their first big post-pandemic family vacation — or vacations.  And that’s where “bleisure” comes in.

It may still be awhile before business travelers are packing convention halls in Manhattan and Chicago again. But our growing comfort with remote and flexible work arrangements may open

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Late Work: From Recreation To Re-Creation

Michael and Linda decided back in their 40s that they’d like to work together in retirement. Clive doesn’t even entertain the ‘r’ word – let alone the concept. Helga knows she has done her most impactful work in her 70s, after the earlier work-family juggle familiar to many women. Jonathan suddenly got laid off after decades with the same company and began accumulating a portfolio of occupations like pearls illuminating his values and wide-ranging passions. Deborah left behind the pursuit of profit and a lifetime in entrepreneurship for the

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These 4 New Travel Products Will Change How You Play (And Work) Outdoors

After more than a year of social distancing, reduced flights and hotel closures, exploring nature hasn’t topped as many vacation agendas in decades. Whether you’re a novice who just swapped beach resorts for mountain peaks this past year or you’ve been traversing national parks as long as you can remember, high-performance gear designers like the innovators at Matador can drastically improve your experience with thoughtful products built to perform in all conditions without getting in the way of

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3 COVID-Conscious Tech Products For Back To Work And Travel

For many organizations returning to work safely—whether it’s during or after the pandemic—means having the right equipment, the right technology, and of course the best practices in place.

At this year’s all-digital CES event, tech companies and entrepreneurs kicked off the new year with innovative products that enable safe return to work, school, and travel in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few COVID-conscious products unveiled at CES 2021:

Targus, a leading global supplier of mobile computing cases and accessories, introduced its new reimagined product line-up—designed for today’s new work environments—from working safer with anti-microbial-protected backpacks

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CAST Alumni profiles: School of Kinesiology and Recreation alumna’s impactful and fulfilling work – News

CAST’s School of Kinesiology and Recreation alumna Heather Richardson ’08, ’10 knew her passions before her college experience began.

Richardson was heavily involved in music and theatre throughout high school, but she also enjoyed working with a variety of special recreation association (SRA) programs offered to individuals with disabilities. When she came to Illinois State, she originally chose to pursue a major in music but continued to spend her weekends and breaks working with her local SRA.

Richardson enjoyed the job’s flexible and impactful nature and eventually discovered that she could study the work she was doing in an academic

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