Can You Get a ‘Vaccine Passport’? And Other Questions, Answered

With all American adults soon to be eligible for Covid-19 vaccines and businesses and international borders reopening, a fierce debate has kicked off across the United States over whether a digital health certificate (often and somewhat misleadingly called a “vaccine passport”) should be required to prove immunization status.

Currently, Americans are issued a white paper card as evidence of their Covid-19 shots, but these can easily be forged, and online scammers are already selling false and stolen vaccine cards.

While the federal government has said it will not introduce digital vaccine passports by federal mandate, a growing number of businesses

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Travel with family complicated by no COVID-19 vaccine for children

For most people, lockdown hasn’t been easy, but at least the choice to stay home was clear. As people start thinking ahead to traveling again, deciding when and how to go back out into the world is less clear.

For adults vaccinated against COVID-19 and unvaccinated kids, things can feel even more confusing. Will there be such a thing as a safe family vacation this summer?

“Even people with identical circumstances and risk tolerances can feel reasonable drawing different conclusions on how safe they might feel with various vacation scenarios,” says Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases

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State reveals plans for COVID vaccine passport

HONOLULU – The governor of Hawaii has issued another emergency proclamation in response to the coronavirus pandemic that extends the statewide eviction moratorium for another two months and details plans for vaccinated travelers.

Democratic Gov. David Ige signed the proclamation Friday extending the statewide moratorium on residential evictions until June 8. The moratorium began in April 2020 and was set to expire Tuesday.

Under the moratorium, landlords are prohibited from evicting tenants for failure to pay rent, maintenance fees, utility bills, taxes and other required fees.

The emergency proclamation also revealed plans to allow vaccinated travelers to bypass mandatory quarantine

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Can We Take a Family Vacation If Our Kids Haven’t Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Yet?

Kathleen Porter Kristiansen, an American living in London, likes to practice “flying” in the living room with her sons, 3 and 5, before a trip. She pulls out the ride-on suitcases that they use to zip around airports, grabs iPads and snacks, and tells them to imagine they’re cruising at 30,000 feet. This year, however, the game has shifted, and now involves wearing a mask for as long as they want to pretend being on the airplane.

The boys have gotten good at masking up for hours on end, but Kristiansen, who runs the website Triple Passport, still

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Americans travel to get covid vaccine

One year into the pandemic, Americans are focused on travel precautions, vaccine passports and securing vaccination appointments. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new travel guidelines saying it is safe for fully vaccinated people to travel domestically, the paradox is that some unvaccinated Americans are traveling during the pandemic to get a vaccination.

According to a recent study by West Health Policy Center, which focuses on seniors’ health care, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, vaccination distribution and availability across the country varies widely. There are some counties in which

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July 4 realistic timeframe for reopening inter-island travel, possible vaccine passport in Hawaii

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Governor David Ige answered media questions on Monday regarding several topics.

He said the state was on track to open up vaccines to 16 and older possibly by next week.

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“I spoke to Dr. Libby Char this morning, and she believes in a few days, maybe a week, we will be able to complete all those in priority 1C, which would move us to all adults 16 and older,” he said.

He said the state was looking into piloting a possible safe travels vaccine passport.

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