Travel gadgets every traveller must consider

Travelling is an adventure that opens one’s mind to new experiences,  people and places and often opens doors to new opportunities. From the hustle and bustle of the city life, the simple rural setting to the untamed beauty of nature reserves, the bottom line is enjoy every moment and make lasting memories.

Technology is constantly changing how we travel and what we are able to access. Continuous invention has produced some innovative products for that is becoming part of many travellers arsenal.

These are the travel gadgets every traveller should consider:

Mini travel steam iron

Choosing the right clothes for

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Time Traveller: A look back at B.C.’s former Provincial Recreation program

Pro-Rec provided instructors and athletic equipment. In turn, local communities were expected to provide a facility

This photo from 1948 shows members of the Pro-Rec group in Dollarton. “Pro Rec,” short for Provincial Recreation, was a community sport and recreation initiative offered through the physical education branch of the B.C. Department of Education. The community-oriented scheme (initially set up in 1934) offered volunteer-run games and recreation classes for those unemployed aged 15 and over. The program proved so popular, that the Pro-Rec program was made available to all in 1936.

The Pro-Rec program offered free classes and sports to its

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First traveller uses IATA Travel Pass app during Singapore-London international flight

By Clinton Moodley Mar 18, 2021

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The first traveller using IATA Travel Pass arrived at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday.

IATA Travel Pass, a contactless Travel app, allows passengers to create a “digital passport”, receive tests and vaccination certificates and share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel. The app will also help travellers manage travel documentation during their journey.

Passengers on Singapore Airlines flights from Singapore to London could use IATA Travel Pass to create a secure digital version of their passport on their

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