Could vaccine passports be your ticket to quarantine-free vacations?

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Needing documents to travel is nothing new — after all, checking in for a flight requires some form of ID, and if you’re bound for somewhere foreign, it’ll have to be a passport. The same goes for car or train trips that cross the U.S. border, where from 2023 you’ll need that blue booklet or a state-issued Real ID.

But a passport to simply check into a hotel or board a cruise ship? It’s a distinct possibility in this age of pandemic-related restrictions. The idea of so-called vaccine passports proving inoculation against

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City Offers Homeless One-Way Travel Ticket to Europe if They Sign Contract to Never Return

The city of Basel in Switzerland has offered its homeless community a free one-way ticket to any other European destination if they agree to sign a contract vowing never to return.

Toprak Yergu, a Basel Department of Justice spokesperson, told local newspaper 20 Minutes that homeless individuals in the city can request a travel voucher and 20 Swiss francs (USD$21.90). In return, the individuals must sign a contract vowing not to return to the country for a specified period of time.

The official told the outlet any individuals caught violating the contract could face deportation.

“Beneficiaries must undertake in writing

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Airport crowds, airline ticket sales show travel recovering

American Airlines says bookings are coming back — they’re nearly at pre-pandemic levels

DALLAS — Evidence is mounting that Americans are eager to drive or fly somewhere after being mostly cooped up at home for a year.

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Covid Vaccine Passports 2021: The Golden Ticket for International Travel?

Illustration: Joel Plosz for Bloomberg Businessweek

In a harbor on the Greek island of Paxos, Panagiotis Mastoras checks over his fleet of pleasure craft and counts down the days to the return of the tourists who fuel the economy of the 8-mile speck in the Ionian Sea.

For the rental-boat skipper, the easing of travel curbs imposed as the Covid-19 outbreak swept the world appears tantalizingly close. Greece said it would welcome back visitors starting on May 14, as long as they’ve had a vaccination, recovered from the novel coronavirus, or tested negative before

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