54% of vaccinated adults planning a summer vacation: Study

Melanie Lieberman, Senior Travel Editor at The Points Guy, joins Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers and Alexis Christoforous to discuss travel trends for this summer.

Video Transcript

For a lot of people, it’s been more than a year since their last vacation. But with vaccines now available to all adults, and the promise from President Biden that all Americans will be able to safely celebrate the 4th of July, it’s gearing up to be a pretty big year for summer travel. Here to talk about it now is Melanie Lieberman. She is senior travel editor at “The Points Guy”. So

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Bill would begin study on recreation, investment opportunities in northern Knox County | Select

Knox County could become a new tourist destination in Nebraska, if the Legislature passes a new bill.

An amendment filed for Legislative Bill 406 would create a committee to investigate recreational and tourism opportunities in northern Knox County, including Lewis & Clark Lake and Niobrara State Park.

The committee also would be tasked with determining what the state would need to invest in the area and evaluating possible outcomes and economic benefits of developing the area.

“Specifically in Northeast Nebraska, the study will focus on social and economic conditions, recreational opportunities and the public investment necessary to enhance economic development,”

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CDC study says empty middle seats reduce exposure

Blocking middle seats on airplanes reduces the risk of COVID-19 exposure, according to a study released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The research, done in conjunction with Kansas State University, found a 23% to 57% reduction in exposure to “viable” virus particles when middle seats are vacant.

The conclusion: “Physical distancing of airplane passengers, including through policies such as middle seat vacancy, could provide additional reductions in risk for exposure to SARS-CoV-2 on aircraft.”

Airlines have abandoned the pandemic practice of blocking seats to maintain social distance between travelers.

Delta Air Lines is the only

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Study: Cedar Rapids could attract visitors with white-water course and recreation options on river

The Cedar River flows Tuesday at the 5-in-1 Dam in downtown Cedar Rapid. Recommendations from a River Recreation Feasibility and Impact Study include modifying the dam to create white-water and flat-water channels. (Liz Martin/The Gazette)

CEDAR RAPIDS — Boaters, paddlers and spectators from around the state and potentially the region may eventually enjoy an ambitious slate of recreational amenities in the Cedar River through the 5-in-1 Dam below Interstate 380.

The city is exploring a $14.6 million project to modify the dam to offer white-water and flat-water features in separate channels, with complementary amenities such as zip lining and an

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Overseas arrivals had biggest impact on first wave deaths, study finds

a man standing in front of a door: quarantine hotel - getty

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quarantine hotel – getty

International travel has been cited as the key factor in driving higher death rates during the first wave of the pandemic, according to a new study.

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen found border arrivals to be the ‘strongest predictor of mortality increase’ in the worst-hit countries, compared to other factors examined; including population density, the percentage of people living in urban areas, age, average body mass index and smoking prevalence.

Tiberiu Pana, medical student and author of the study, said: “Our assessment of available data indicates that very early restrictions on international travel

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Gray wolf spotted in North Park, captured and collared for tracking to study “travel patterns”

Colorado wildlife officials spotted a new 4-year-old male wolf roaming near North Park and had contractors with a helicopter capture it in a net and tranquilize it, and then when the wolf broke free and bolted into Wyoming the contractors chased it, subdued it and affixed a tracking collar.

a group of polar bears in the snow: A Colorado gray wolf, seen tranquilized here, was equipped with a tracking collar.

© Provided by Denver Post
A Colorado gray wolf, seen tranquilized here, was equipped with a tracking collar.

This 110-pound gray wolf, identified as M2101, recently was observed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife staffers from the air in Colorado with another male wolf, M1084 of the Snake River pack in Wyoming,

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