2021 Academy Award winning movies inspire getaways to these vacation rental spots

You might be staying safe a home, catching up on Academy Award winning movies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of someday traveling to cinematic places.

The clever folks at Portland-based Vacasa watched the Oscar victors and matched some of the film locations to one of the 25,000 properties the vacation rental company manages across the U.S.

Their thinking: “This past year in particular, movies have been an essential escape. We’ve … [been] transported to worlds of nomadic living, jazz riffs and historic cultural shifts. … We thought we’d take that escapism to the next level.”


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Avoid Brood X with cicada-free Midwest vacation spots

Beginning in May, a dozen or so states will mostly be affected by swarms of cicadas, which emerge from underground every 17 years. The swarms will be buzzing from New York to Illinois and south into northern Georgia, including hot spots in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

According to researchers, this particular group of cicadas, known as Brood X (as in the Roman numeral) is among the most geographically impactful of all the 17-year cicadas. If this news has you feeling like doomsday is approaching, here are five destinations that aren’t on the Brood X cicada map

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3 unusual Florida vacation spots, 4 hours or less from Tampa Bay

Our kid has been in virtual school all year. So when vacation weeks rolled around, staying in the house did not seem like a fun option. Weird!

Of course, safe travels are limited in a pandemic. We created a COVID vacation protocol: Find a house rental in a town fewer than four hours from Tampa Bay. The short drives reduced stopping time and also preserved some sanity. (You feel cooped up in a house? Try a car.) We’d stock up on groceries, stay inside, watch movies and play games, maybe venture to some nature. A change of scenery, as good

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Gilbert looking to fill four spots on town parks and recreation board

The town of Gilbert is looking for applicants for its parks and recreation board. (Tom Blodgett/Community Impact Newspaper)

The town of Gilbert is seeking applicants for four positions on its parks and recreation board.

The ideal candidate, according to the town, should be able to view issues from a big picture and longer-term perspective, be an advocate for parks and recreation in the community, be knowledgeable about the benefits that parks and recreation services provide a community, interact with citizens on parks and recreation issues, and have ongoing citizen-neighborhood contact on issues related to the board.

Three of the board

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