WV Symphony announces show guest-starring Michael Bolton; departure of director Loh | Arts & Entertainment

After five seasons, the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra will be saying goodbye to music director Lawrence Loh at the end of next season.

The upcoming departure was announced in a release Thursday for the symphony’s upcoming 2021-22 season.

The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra credited Loh with expanding its repertoire and programming music from contemporary and diverse composers. Loh will finish out his tenure with the upcoming season, “Embracing Harmony.”

In the release, Loh said he looks forward to the return of live performances and that the symphony had missed the audience.

“We need live music now, more than ever, and

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Airport crowds, airline ticket sales show travel recovering

American Airlines says bookings are coming back — they’re nearly at pre-pandemic levels

DALLAS — Evidence is mounting that Americans are eager to drive or fly somewhere after being mostly cooped up at home for a year.

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Major character leaves the show in shock departure

The latest episode of Riverdale season 5 saw a beloved character make a heartbreaking departure.

Riverdale season 5 has been full of shock twists and turns – and that’s only after two TV episodes! So far, we have seen high school sweethearts Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge agree to go their separate ways, Betty and Jughead solve the mystery of the Auteur and Charles Smith reveal that he’s a serial killer (because of course he is).

The latest episode, however, may have been the most hard-hitting of the season thus far. A graduation special, “Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation”, marked the end

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