Post-Pandemic Vacations Will Blend Work with More Family Time

The future of business travel is shaping up to be one of the big unanswered questions of the economic reopening. At the same time, many people are eagerly planning their first big post-pandemic family vacation — or vacations.  And that’s where “bleisure” comes in.

It may still be awhile before business travelers are packing convention halls in Manhattan and Chicago again. But our growing comfort with remote and flexible work arrangements may open

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Here’s what post-pandemic travel might look like

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Many Americans are thinking of travel again.

And who can blame them? After all, it’s been more than a year of seesawing coronavirus infection rates, on-again, off-again lockdown restrictions, and simple quarantine fatigue.

As Covid-19 vaccination efforts gather steam nationwide, tourism suppliers are tracking increased interest, and even business, in vacations departing as early as this spring. Many aspects of the travel experience, however, have changed and may become permanent — for better or worse.

“We’re increasingly seeing people optimistic about traveling, either as soon as this spring or into the summer,” said Jeff

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Post-pandemic travel: What will it look like when the pandemic is over?

(CNN) — As the world ground to a halt last March, many travelers expected to be globetrotting again in a few months time.

Here we are just over a year later.

But with the rapid development of effective vaccines and increased distribution of those life-saving doses in some countries, glimmers of hope are starting to emerge.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still urging against travel, but vaccinated travelers have reason to be optimistic.

“We’re revisiting what we should do regarding travel for those who are vaccinated and that should be coming forward soon,” agency director

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JetBlue’s New Mint Class Looks Like A Winner For Your Post-Pandemic Travel

As the Pfizer, Moderna and additional coronavirus vaccines continue their global rollout, most in the travel industry see a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel and a slow return to travel normalcy.

But personally, I expect a few of the pandemic induced changes to stick around, including the desire for more privacy in travel, whether that means resorts with freestanding cabin or villa lodging, home rentals, whole property takeovers, private guided trips, or more separated in-flight

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