Southwest Airlines discontinues COVID travel boarding policy

Southwest Airlines has resumed its traditional boarding procedures, ditching a pandemic policy of boarding passengers in smaller groups to promote social distancing.

The nation’s largest domestic carrier, which doesn’t assign seats, began boarding passengers in groups of 30 on March 15. It had been boarding passengers in groups of 10 since it unveiled its “Southwest Promise” health and safety protocols in May.

“The majority of our customers are familiar with Southwest’s standard boarding style and have an expectation for the normal boarding process as they return to travel,” Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said in a statement.

Travel, which

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Injunction against quarantine hotel policy denied, constitutional hearing to go ahead

TORONTO — A constitutional rights advocacy group has lost its bid for an injunction against the federal government’s quarantine hotel policy designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation had asked for the injunction while waiting for the courts to rule on whether the policy for incoming international travellers is constitutional.

The foundation was acting on behalf of five individuals who had to leave Canada for compassionate purposes – three of them to attend to a dying parent.

“This was not the result we wanted today, but the court did recognize that the applicants in our challenge

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