Air Canada Pleads With Trudeau for Plan to Ease Travel Rules

Flush with bailout funds, Air Canada called on the government of its home country to lay out a plan for reopening borders as vaccination progresses.

Canada’s biggest air carrier is in a position to ramp up operations after reaching a deal for nearly C$5.9 billion ($4.8 billion) in debt and equity with the federal government last month. Chief Executive Officer Michael Rousseau said it’s now “essential” for officials to follow the U.S. in easing rules that have stopped most air travel.

“Starting with replacing blanket restrictions with science-based testing and limited quarantine measures where appropriate, Canada can reopen and

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Shawnee County Parks and Recreation received approval for its “Family Park Master Plan”

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -A plan that was in the making in 2014, has finally been approved.

“Everyone that has been a part of this process and that has provided us input that has allowed us to present stuff and get input and come back and in addition to everyone on this list we have had several surveys throughout the process that engaged the community and it identified some initial amenities that they would like to see in the pack as well as providing feedback,” said Zack Snethen.

While brainstorming amenities to include in the park, they wanted to include things

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Montrose Recreation District Launches Master Plan Effort


MONTROSE, Colo. — The Montrose Recreation District is launching its new comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Planning process to give guidance on how to meet the demands for future recreation, programming, environmental, and maintenance needs, as well as to establish priorities for facility improvements, future park development, and land acquisitions. Montrose Recreation District residents are invited to join in the process, as the District seeks feedback from all ages in our community about Montrose parks and how residents would like to recreate in

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Plan the perfect vacation getaway to Northern Michigan with Rachael Ruiz’ top picks!

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the perfect vacation!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Bright skies, warmer temperatures and exploring the great outdoors! Ahh, don’t you just love experiencing the joys of Summer? We’re nearly eight weeks away from enjoying this glorious season, and you better believe the time will fly by. Before we know it, many of us will be packing up our suitcases and hitting the road to have some vacation fun with close friends and

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Longview parks, recreation officials plan to trap beavers damaging trees at Lake Sacajawea | Local

A tree damaged by beavers lays in the water at Lake Sacajawea near Kessler Boulevard and 23rd Avenue on Tuesday.

Courtney Talak

People walking, biking, boating or fishing at Lake Sacajawea recently may have noticed more trees missing bark, sporting bite marks or fallen into the water.

It’s unlikely folks will spot the culprits — beavers — but the Longview Parks and Recreation Department has received several reports about the damage, said Parks and Urban Forestry Manager Joanna Martin.

“There’s always wildlife at the lake. It’s not abnormal to have beavers,” she said.

Splintered tree

A tree damaged by beavers lays in

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Holidays for the rich: Airlines slam UK travel restart plan | Aviation News

UK government’s traffic light COVID risk ranking system will make overseas flights too expensive for many, airline group says.

Airlines have criticised the United Kingdom’s plans for restarting international travel, saying that expensive testing requirements for trips to low-risk countries would mean that only wealthy people could take holidays abroad.

Under government proposals, airlines and passengers will not find out until early May whether international travel resumes from May 17, a plan which fell short of industry hopes for clarity.

Airlines and travel companies are desperate for a bumper northern hemisphere summer after a year of restrictions. Without a

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