Uber’s UK drivers to get paid vacation, pensions following Supreme Court ruling

The company said Tuesday that as “workers” — a classification unique to employment law in the UK that falls short of “employee” — drivers will be entitled to minimum wage, vacation time, and a pension. Uber did not apply the changes to its Uber Eats food delivery workers, only ridehail drivers.
Uber (UBER) said the minimum wage will be based on engaged time after a trip is accepted and after expenses — a definition that received push back from drivers on Wednesday. The court determined last month that drivers are working from the time they turn on Uber’s
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Uber Grants Vacation Pay, Pensions to U.K. Drivers in Change of Job Status

Uber Technologies Inc. said it will grant its U.K. drivers an employment status entitling them to vacation pay and pension contributions, a costly shift in one of its largest overseas markets amid a global debate over the treatment of gig-economy workers.

The changes may presage legal wrangling, however, because the ride-hailing company says it will guarantee its drivers the U.K.’s minimum wage only after they have accepted a trip—not from the moment they sign into the app and are ready to work, as labor activists have demanded.

Uber announced the changes, effective Wednesday, after losing its final appeal last month

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