How Epidemiologists Are Planning to Vacation With Their Unvaccinated Kids

The pandemic has made it tough for families to figure out safe travel options. So we asked some experts what they’re doing this summer. (Rose Wong/The New York Times)

Families are facing a dilemma this year: They are itching to take a summer vacation, but their kids are not vaccinated. What to do?

The mental gymnastics involved in answering this question are exhausting.

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Our decision-making is clouded by unanswered questions about immunity, virus mutations and what case numbers will look like in the summer.

The most conservative approach would

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Can We Take a Family Vacation If Our Kids Haven’t Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Yet?

Kathleen Porter Kristiansen, an American living in London, likes to practice “flying” in the living room with her sons, 3 and 5, before a trip. She pulls out the ride-on suitcases that they use to zip around airports, grabs iPads and snacks, and tells them to imagine they’re cruising at 30,000 feet. This year, however, the game has shifted, and now involves wearing a mask for as long as they want to pretend being on the airplane.

The boys have gotten good at masking up for hours on end, but Kristiansen, who runs the website Triple Passport, still

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Summer Vacation With Unvaccinated Kids: Here’s What You Can Do

The health of your family members is also a big consideration.

“We are very conservative as far as our risk level,” said Tara C. Smith, a professor of epidemiology at the Kent State University College of Public Health, in Ohio, who will be vacationing with younger relatives who aren’t yet eligible for vaccination and have health conditions. It’s not clear why some kids get very sick from Covid and others don’t, she said, and the possibility of a Covid infection is “not something that I want to deal with just because we tried to go and have some fun.”


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Family Travel Gets Complicated Without a Covid Vaccine for Kids

“Unvaccinated children would still need to quarantine for five days, and the parents, of course, must stay with the child,” said Eric Newman, who owns the travel blog Iceland With Kids. “Iceland’s brand-new travel regulations are not friendly to families hoping to visit with children.”

After a year of virtual schooling and working from home, parents have no desire to quarantine with their kids, said Anthony Berklich, the founder of the travel platform Inspired Citizen. “What these destinations are basically saying is you can come but your children can’t,” he said.

Instead, families are opting for warm-weather destinations

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As Jersey City recreation programs resume, 2 local parents say this is what the kids need

JERSEY CITY — On Sunday, amidst the echo of splashes and organized swim lessons, were Jessica Taube and her 8-year-old daughter, Gabriella.

Taube is one of the many parents whose children participated in the first Sunday swim class at the indoor Pershing Field pool, which returned on March 15 and was previously halted due to COVID-19 restrictions. She told The Jersey Journal that the city’s recreational programs, like Sunday’s, have helped her and her family get through the pandemic.

“I think (the city’s) done a good job,” Taube said. “Kids need things to do, but the rules should still stay

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Yes, You Can Vacation With Your Unvaccinated Kids

Hear me out.

Think about a grandmother who’s received, say, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Trial research indicates that the second shot reduces her risk of serious illness by about 95 percent. Her risk of death goes way down too, although the trials were not geared toward reaching a conclusion on that point. (The Pfizer control group recorded zero deaths.)

Different vaccines yield different results, but all of the vaccines approved by the FDA (Pfizer-BioNTech’s, Moderna’s, and Johnson & Johnson’s) are very effective, which is why the CDC has indicated that vaccinated individuals can interact unmasked with other vaccinated individuals. It hasn’t

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