Orlando-based hotel company offering free stays to people kicked out of Champions World Resort

An Orlando-based hotel and resort management company is offering free stays to visitors recently kicked out of Champions World Resort.Jan Guatam, the president and CEO of Interessant Hotels Group, says he was shocked when he heard Champions World had abruptly kicked everyone out after being sold to a new owner.“We have bought hotels, we have sold hotels in the past, but this has never been the case where you have to come overnight, knock on everybody’s doors and kick them out in the morning. I have never seen it,” Guatam said.He says he got a call from Congressman Darren Soto’s … read more

Florida Hotel Guests Kicked Out, Staff Fired Hours After Business Sold

A Florida hotel kicked out nearly 100 guests and fired staff just hours after it learned the business had been sold, forcing a number of disgruntled customers onto the street.

Champions World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, abruptly shut down on Thursday after it learned that it had been sold to new owners.

The news forced management to inform guests that they had to vacate the property that day, with many being told they had to leave the hotel by 4 p.m, WOFL Fox 35 Orlando reported.

Florida Representative Darren Soto, who represents Kissimmee in the state’s 9th Congressional District, told

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