Summer Vacation With Unvaccinated Kids: Here’s What You Can Do

The health of your family members is also a big consideration.

“We are very conservative as far as our risk level,” said Tara C. Smith, a professor of epidemiology at the Kent State University College of Public Health, in Ohio, who will be vacationing with younger relatives who aren’t yet eligible for vaccination and have health conditions. It’s not clear why some kids get very sick from Covid and others don’t, she said, and the possibility of a Covid infection is “not something that I want to deal with just because we tried to go and have some fun.”


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California, CDC make big changes to travel restrictions. Here’s what’s changed for travelers.

It was a big day for Californians who’ve been optimistically looking forward to spring and summer travel. Nearly four months after the state’s post-holiday coronavirus surge, the California Department of Public Health lifted its 120-mile travel advisory on April 1st. Then, on April 2nd, the national Centers for Disease Control updated its travel guidelines, loosening rules that required quarantining and a Covid-19 test before flying.

While the guidance from the two agencies remains cautious and, in places, even contradictory, the overall message is that the benefits of relaxing travel restrictions — including encouraging more people to get … read more

CDC updates travel guidance for fully vaccinated people. Here’s what you need to know.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a huge announcement on Friday: It’s considered low risk for fully vaccinated people to travel.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a press briefing that the new guidance is based on data that shows “real world” effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. “Vaccines can help us return to the things we love about life, so we encourage every American to get vaccinated as soon as they have the opportunity,” Walensky said in a statement.

The new guidance, which was also shared on the CDC’s website, says that fully vaccinated travelers

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Vaccinated travel: Here’s your pre-trip checklist

After a year of bad news, travelers finally have something to look forward to again. On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the green light that fully vaccinated people can travel again.

The long-awaited guidance is welcome news for travelers who want to visit family and take vacations for the first time in more than a year.

But even though nearly 100 million Americans have had at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, we are not out of the woods yet. Officials are still not recommending travel for everyone due to the rising number of cases in

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Here’s what post-pandemic travel might look like

valentinrussanov | E+ | Getty Images

Many Americans are thinking of travel again.

And who can blame them? After all, it’s been more than a year of seesawing coronavirus infection rates, on-again, off-again lockdown restrictions, and simple quarantine fatigue.

As Covid-19 vaccination efforts gather steam nationwide, tourism suppliers are tracking increased interest, and even business, in vacations departing as early as this spring. Many aspects of the travel experience, however, have changed and may become permanent — for better or worse.

“We’re increasingly seeing people optimistic about traveling, either as soon as this spring or into the summer,” said Jeff

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Can U.S. Travelers Go To Europe? Here’s What to Know

With the number of people in the United States vaccinated against the coronavirus climbing, Americans are starting to explore their prospects for international travel this summer, a season when Europe is traditionally a big draw.

Most of Europe has been off-limits to most U.S. citizens for over a year, and the continent is currently grappling with a third wave of coronavirus infections and a surge in new, more contagious variants, making it unclear when its borders will reopen. But some European countries have started to welcome vaccinated travelers, including American tourists, and others are making preparations to ease restrictions

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