In departure from Trump era, US hails WHO pandemic response

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Geneva (AFP)

In a dramatic about-turn, the new US administration on Thursday thanked the World Health Organization for leading the global pandemic response and vowed to remain a member state.

“Under trying circumstances, this organisation has rallied the scientific and research and development community to accelerate vaccines, therapies and diagnostics,” top US scientist Anthony Fauci, who has been named President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told a meeting of the WHO’s executive board.

The WHO, he said, had “relentlessly worked with nations in their fight against Covid-19.”

His comments marked a clear departure from the

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Iran’s Rouhani hails departure of Trump, describes him ‘tyrant’

United States President, Donald Trumo (L) and Iran President, Rouhani (R)

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday hailed the departure of “tyrant” US counterpart Donald Trump, who is due to leave office later in the day making way for President-elect Joe Biden.

A “tyrant’s era came to an end and today is the final day of his ominous reign,” Rouhani said in televised remarks to his cabinet.

“Someone for whom all of his four years bore no fruit other than injustice and corruption and causing problems for his own people and the world.”

During his presidency, Trump led a campaign

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