Eagan boy bit by shark is doing well, excited for free vacation

“[Jay] fell forward and he didn’t get up right away, which is really weird, so I just picked him up, held him up with my hand, and I noticed there was a large hole where his shoulder should be,” Kristine said. “It was bleeding, I was in a panic, I saw the shark swim away and we ran up the beach.”

Jay’s father, Ren, was on the beach taking pictures of the two when it happened. 

“I saw where the shark bit and it’s just like watching a horror movie,” Ren Weiskopf said. “It’s just going through your head like,

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Orlando-based hotel company offering free stays to people kicked out of Champions World Resort

An Orlando-based hotel and resort management company is offering free stays to visitors recently kicked out of Champions World Resort.Jan Guatam, the president and CEO of Interessant Hotels Group, says he was shocked when he heard Champions World had abruptly kicked everyone out after being sold to a new owner.“We have bought hotels, we have sold hotels in the past, but this has never been the case where you have to come overnight, knock on everybody’s doors and kick them out in the morning. I have never seen it,” Guatam said.He says he got a call from Congressman Darren Soto’s … read more

Groundbreaking for free whitewater and recreation Mill City Park in Franklin coming

New Hampshire is months away from becoming home to the first whitewater park in New England. The massive make-over for downtown Franklin includes a park and camping area.Mill City Part at Franklin Falls has been years in the making. The nonprofit will transform the downtown section of Franklin into the whitewater park, surrounded by walking and biking trails, camping and even an amphitheater. “There’s about 300 whitewater parks in the country, there’s over 30 in Colorado alone, but there’s not one up here,” founder of Mill City Park Marty Parichand said. Construction is set to begin on the park in … read more

Book review of The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set Women Free by Paulina Bren

For more than half a century, single young women across the country shared 20-year-old Plath’s “woosh.” New York had exerted its timeless pull on them; it was there that they could trade hometown destinies for big-city dreams, the preordained for the possible.

But they needed a place to stay. For tens of thousands of them — mostly White and middle or upper class — that was a residence hotel reserved for their own sex, a place that would shelter them, protect them from male predation, and nurture their bodies and minds and careers. “The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set

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Mexico’s hottest hotel perks: Covid tests and free quarantine

  • The latest all-inclusive hotel perks tempting tourists to pandemic-hit Mexico are free Covid-19 tests and extended stays for anyone who catches the coronavirus.
  • With around 175 000 Covid-19 deaths and roughly two million known cases, Mexico is one of the nations hardest hit by the pandemic.
  • In an attempt to woo travellers from other countries, Mexican hoteliers came up with pandemic-era perks that give a whole new meaning to the all-inclusive concept.

Never mind the unlimited food and drink, the latest all-inclusive hotel perks tempting tourists to pandemic-hit Mexico are free Covid-19 tests and extended stays for anyone who catches

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Google Makes Hotel Listings Free: Just The Facts

As travel starts to get moving again, Google recently announced that it is making it free for hotels and travel companies around the world to appear in hotel booking links on The Google announcement notes that, previously, hotel booking links have been offered via Hotel Ads, but the new free listings will be made available in searches also. The Google hotel booking links always display real-time pricing and availability for specific dates of travel, allowing consumers to compare pricing for their vacations. According to Google, the new free hotel and travel listings provide users an even “more comprehensive

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