New Hampshire couple viciously beaten while on Florida vacation

A New Hampshire man and woman are recovering from the serious injuries they suffered when they were brutally attacked near a bus stop in Florida.Angela Dill and Joshua Clarkson were enjoying a vacation in Miami Beach until they were suddenly and viciously beaten by a stranger in the area of Ninth Street and Collins Avenue last Friday.The couple told WSVN they have no idea what motivated the attack, which was captured by a surveillance camera.”We were walking up the street, like, laughing, having the best day — beautiful day, beautiful week. Then all of a sudden, a guy came off … read more

Three Florida cities make the top 5 most desired vacation destinations in the world

SOUTH FLORIDA, Fla. – It may come as no surprise to those of us who call the Sunshine State home that folks who live in Northern states dream of sunny summers along the sandy shores of Florida.

However, what may come as a shock to some is that in regards to summer travel, three Florida cities beat popular travel destinations like Tulum, Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, and even Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

According to a new report by Tripadvisor, Orlando, Miami Beach, and Key West are in the top five most popular vacation destinations in

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Florida adds ‘Freedom Week’ sales tax holiday, encouraging entertainment and recreation

A $196.3-million tax package is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk after lawmakers Friday signed off on a series of proposals, including sales-tax “holidays” for back-to-school shopping, hurricane-season preparations and encouraging people to get out for some entertainment and recreation.

The House voted 117-1 to pass the package (HB 7061), which earlier received unanimous support from the Senate. The bill has 22 separate parts, including a long-discussed repeal of an unused pool of state money approved in 2014 to help build and renovate professional sports stadiums.

The package also would create a college internship program that

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Florida man attacks 3 women on vacation, hits one with brick, officials say

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WESH) — A good Samaritan came to the rescue after police say a man chased three women who were visiting Daytona Beach with a brick and hit them.

The victims had just left their hotel and were on A1A between Main Street and Harvey Avenue when they say Malik Irving approached them and started talking.

The women, who aren’t fluent in English, said Irving spit on them when they didn’t understand him.

“Immediately I could see they’re hysterical. They trip over each other, they fall into the ground,” Dylan Burst said.

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What’s It Like To Travel To Florida Now?

If you like warm-weather vacations, you’ve probably considered a trip to Florida — and then reconsidered.

Maybe you’ve seen the images of masked theme park visitors and unmasked spring breakers. Or you’ve read about the state’s relaxed rules and followed the worrisome COVID-19 case reports. And you’ve wondered: What’s it like to travel to Florida now?

I could cite the latest Florida Department of Health information. (I’ll condense it for

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Pandemic Lessons: Can you safely travel to places like Florida? | Local News

Acquiring Covid-19 naturally leads to developing antibodies that recognize and fight off the virus when they see it again. If you’ve been re-exposed, “those people have really, truly robust immune systems,” said Dr. George Rutherford, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco. That may not be measurable with antibodies, which wane after several months. But when the T cells and B cells in your immune system are stimulated, Rutherford says, “all the memory comes back right away.”

Rutherford, like Russo, is concerned about the variants. “The question for me about this long-term immunity stuff is not how long

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