Finding new hotel employees has been tough as demand spikes

Marriott CEO Tony Capuano says demand to stay at his hotels is recovering rapidly as people get their COVID-19 vaccine. But, finding new employees to service that spike in demand is proving to be a challenge right now. 

“We have had some labor challenges in those leisure destinations where we have seen demand spike so quickly,” Capuano said on Yahoo Finance Live. “So in South Florida, Texas, Arizona we are running job fairs and we are providing some one-time hiring incentives to get the hotels staffed.”

Marriott isn’t alone in ramping up efforts to attract new workers (and retain

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Finding Travel Inspiration in My Grandparents’ Vacation Journals

Few people these days know firsthand what a 70-year relationship looks like. My late grandparents Peggy and Jack, whom I called Honey and Popo, were two of the lucky ones. They met when they were 14 and remained a couple for the rest of their lives. Their bond was strengthened by their San Antonio roots and shared love of travel.

For decades, Honey and Popo circumnavigated the globe, ballooning over vineyards in Burgundy and exploring Chilean ice fields by catamaran. As the family grew, they invited their children and grandchildren on these adventures. We cruised the Yangtze River in

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Having trouble finding a beach vacation home to rent? Here are some tips

Grabbing that needed vacation home by the beach may be harder than ever before – but not impossible.  

Experts tell FOX Business that potential renters or buyers just need to think outside the box. In some cases, that may mean directly asking homeowners trying to sell their home if they are willing to rent it out while it’s on the market. 


It’s a move that Adam Mahfouda, the chief executive of Oxford

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Haaland hastens his departure – Sports Finding

In Haaland’s situation, with half of Europe struggling to take over its services, any sign that comes from its environment must be analyzed. AND the last to speak was his agent, Mino Raiola. He did it at The Athletics, and hinted at an imminent departure of the forward despite the fact that, in principle, he had a verbal pact with Borussia Dortmund so that he would be there until the summer of 2022. But the explosion of the player and the economic crisis that drag the clubs have radically changed the situation.

“Maybe I was too careful with Haaland when

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