Greensboro Parks and Recreation officials extend hours and restart rentals

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro is extending the hours of parks and resuming some of its rentals, which are also expanding hours.

As they begin to ease restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the department is now accepting picnic shelter reservations for parties of 100 people or less.

Gardens are accepting outdoor wedding reservations for 100 people or fewer as well. Rental operators, including the Barber Park Event Center and recreation centers, have returned. Although, the spaces are currently limited to 50% capacity.

Still, as the restrictions continue to ease, city

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Airlines and countries extend travel bans on South Africa

UAE-based airline Emirates has announced that flights from South Africa will remain suspended until 20 March 2021.

This is in line with government directives that restrict the entry of travellers originating from South Africa into the UAE, the airline said in a notice published on its website.

Emirates said that daily passenger flights to Johannesburg will resume from 11 March as initially planned – however, outbound flights will remain suspended.

“Emirates remains committed to serving our customers in South Africa, and we look forward to resuming passenger services when conditions allow,” it said.

“We continue to work closely with all

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