New York City Government Workers Offered Travel Buddies

New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio

says that crime on the subway is low, but his office is still launching a travel-buddy program for government employees who feel unsafe commuting to work.

The city announced the program in an April 30 email to employees ahead of an estimated 80,000 government workers returning on a rotating schedule to their offices this month. Most municipal offices had been closed over the past year because of Covid-19 lockdown measures.

Returning employees have the option of signing up to be matched as travel partners with another worker in their neighborhood, according to

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City of Austin to convert Candlewood Suites hotel to homeless housing despite lawsuit to stop it

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin has a thorough plan to house the homeless — but some feel it’s coming without community input.

Days after voters approved the camping ban be reinstated, the city’s Housing and Planning Committee released documents discussing its housing blueprint, getting spaces to house up to 3,000 people by 2024.

In this blueprint, Candlewood Suites is still listed as part of the process, where there will reportedly be 80 converted rooms available for housing as early as August.

But the the city is still facing a lawsuit, lead by a local small business,

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City Offers Homeless One-Way Travel Ticket to Europe if They Sign Contract to Never Return

The city of Basel in Switzerland has offered its homeless community a free one-way ticket to any other European destination if they agree to sign a contract vowing never to return.

Toprak Yergu, a Basel Department of Justice spokesperson, told local newspaper 20 Minutes that homeless individuals in the city can request a travel voucher and 20 Swiss francs (USD$21.90). In return, the individuals must sign a contract vowing not to return to the country for a specified period of time.

The official told the outlet any individuals caught violating the contract could face deportation.

“Beneficiaries must undertake in writing

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City of Marquette administration balances rules with the need for dog-friendly recreation

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Nothing like your best four-legged friend joining you on the walk along sunny Lakeshore Boulevard in Marquette, only to come upon a sign reading: ‘NO DOGS PERMITTED IN PARK EXCEPT IN ENCLOSED VEHICLES’

There are growing complaints of dogs seen out in off-limit areas like lifeguarded beaches (including McCarty’s Cove) and nature preserves like Presque Isle Park.

“Generally, with nature preserves, dogs aren’t allowed for numerous reasons. Mostly with the wildlife. Second is the unwanted dog interactions with other park visitors,” explained City of Marquette Assistant Director of Community Services Andrew MacIver.

There have also

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High-End Residences in New York City are Bringing Hotel Life Home

He’ll have lots of competition. Aman Resorts, for the first time, is introducing its city residences at the same time as it is debuting a hotel. “We’ve noticed in the last year, because people didn’t want to travel as much, they are choosing to spend their time in the Aman Villas,” says Vanessa Grout, Aman’s director of global residences. Aman Residences have always been popular, but even the company didn’t anticipate such high demand for its highest-ticket hotel rooms. “As a result, we are doubling down on the residential development program throughout the world, accelerating projects in the pipeline,”

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Homeless being moved out of Kansas City hotels

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It has been 19 days since Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and the leader of the KC Homeless Union announced the city would cover 500 hotels rooms for 90 days for people experiencing homelessness to give people some stability.

People had been living in a dozen facilities across town. Now people from two hotels are being relocated to other facilities across the metro.

William Hunter and his family moved into the EconoLodge with a 90-day deadline in mind. Less than 30 days in and he has already landed a job at a place in walking distance

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