Canton budget goes all-in on recreation, infrastructure

The Town of Canton’s property tax rate hasn’t changed in almost two decades. This year, it looks to be headed down, but residents will still see slightly higher bills as a result of a countywide property revaluation that’s on average 24 percent higher.

“This area is growing. People are moving here, and commercial opportunities are increasing,” said Nick Scheuer, Canton’s assistant town manager.

Property tax is calculated by multiplying the rate, currently 58 cents per $100 in assessed value, by the assessed valuation. If the assessed value goes up but the rate stays the same — or even declines, as

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Land Between the Lakes heritage and recreation areas to take massive budget cut | News

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area is taking a massive budget cut in recreation and heritage from the U.S. Forest Service.

To give some perspective, in the fiscal year of 2015, the budget was $2.5 million, the 2020 fiscal year budget was $1.8 million, the 2021 year was cut to $77,000 and by 2022, the U.S. Forest Service will budget will cut to zero dollars.

A zero dollar budget means the U.S. Forest Service could cut places, like: welcome stations, Energy Lake Campground, picnic areas, firearm shooting areas, the Homeplace, Brandon Springs, Woodlands Nature Station, as well as no

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Biden’s 2022 budget marks departure from Trump

U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday unveiled a budget proposal that represents a sharp reversal to former President Donald Trump’s budget objectives.

The proposal – what’s known as an early ‘skinny’ version of his 2022 federal budget – increases discretionary spending by 8.4% compared to 2021 levels, and asks Congress to sharply increase spending to combat climate change and gun violence and to support education.

The $1.5 trillion budget would invest billions more in public transportation and environmental clean-ups, expand funding for background checks on gun sales, and direct a record amount to underfunded public schools.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

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Pamplin Media Group – Summer school, education could get a pile of cash in budget bill

Legislative panel packs a lot into a routine budget rebalancing bill, including wildfire and addiction recovery funds.

Oregon lawmakers are poised to approve $250 million for summer school programs, plus money for wildfire recovery and a shift of some marijuana taxes to addiction recovery centers under a voter-approved ballot measure.

All of these changes, and more, are attached to budget-rebalancing legislation that cleared the Legislature’s joint budget committee on Friday, March 19, and headed to votes of the House and Senate in the coming week. This legislation is usually routine before the two-year state budget cycle closes on June 30.

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