You need to watch the best time-travel pandemic movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

We begin in a nasty world of silence. An isolated man makes his way through a bleak desert, staring at a small piece of wet mud like it was heaven on Earth. He makes it back to his campsite, a tent he shares with his wife. In the background lies the smoldering ruins of civilization. He applies some medicine to his wife’s neck. They go to sleep.

Throughout all of this, no words are spoken. Once, when the man’s wife is having trouble going to sleep, he tries to comfort her with words under his breath. But for the most

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Amazon tests tool that lets some brands contact shoppers

Amazon is quietly rolling out a way for some sellers on its site to engage with shoppers, in a move that represents a departure from its historically tight controls over customer data.

Last week, Amazon began piloting a tool that enables U.S. companies that are part of its Brand Registry program to email marketing materials to shoppers who have opted to “follow” their brands. These companies can then notify those shoppers when they launch a new product or promotion.

The follow button is featured in areas such as a businesses’ store page and videos on Amazon Live, Amazon’s livestream

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Jeff Bezos’ departure as Amazon CEO comes on the heels of a historic quarter

In a letter to Amazon employees published Tuesday afternoon, Jeff Bezos announced that he would step down as CEO and transition to executive chairman, where he’ll focus on “new products and early initiatives.” Andy Jassy, who is currently CEO of Amazon Web Services, will replace him.

“Jeff Bezos really knows how to go out on a high note, and the news of his stepping down from the CEO role will certainly overshadow what was a truly historic quarter,” said Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence.

“Amazon’s huge topline performance in Q4—bolstered by Prime Day in October, a

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Jeff Bezos’ departure as Amazon CEO makes for prime joke material on Twitter

Alexa, tell me a joke about Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon.

The founder of the online shopping giant rocked the business world on Tuesday by announcing that Amazon Web Services head Andy Jassy will take over the CEO role in the third quarter of 2021, while Bezos will remain as executive chairman of the company that raked in a record $100 billion last quarter.

And it should come as no surprise that the news was prime fodder for jokes at Bezos’s expense on Twitter
with many posters poking fun at his wealth, or

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Amazon doesn’t need Jeff Bezos as CEO to be Amazon

Jeff Bezos wearing a suit and tie

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It is time for Inc. founder Jeff Bezos to take his turn as the founder/senior statesman — like the Wizard of Oz, often unseen but with seemingly omnipotent control — while the boss of Amazon’s cloud-computing arm takes the lead.

The change at the top won’t change much about Amazon but could affect the most crucial choice the company faces: Whether Amazon Web Services and remain under the same roof.

While Bezos is often compared with Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, his departure from the CEO role more closely resembles the

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