Ahead of busy travel season, airline and hotel workers say they are already stretched to their limit

As more Americans get vaccinated and more states lift their restrictive measures, the travel and tourism sector is already finding itself behind the curve, with employees from hotels to airport coffee shops saying they are stretched to their limit.

“Between January and today, the amount of people that are flying now is absolutely asinine, it’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it, not yet, maybe summer,” said Dymond Blossom, a flight attendant for a regional subsidiary of American Airlines. As of March, her hours have nearly doubled, she said.

While Blossom said she is happy to see the airlines recovering, “mask policing”

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Cheap 2022 Airline Fares Leading Customers to Gamble With Travel Restrictions

  • Airlines unleashed lower fares than ever this week to destinations like Tokyo, Japan, sitting up demand. 
  • But while Americans delight in their cheap flights, the gamble lies in whether they’ll able to take them. 
  • Most countries have not opened their doors to US tourists even as vaccinations soar. 
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Airlines are making it hard for Americans not to book international trips by unleashing dirt-cheap fares to normally expensive destinations, and the irresistibly low prices are breeding a new form of gambling. 

A small sampling of deals this week includes $226 round-trip flights to

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Airline executives cast doubt with borders still closed

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A330neo or A330-900 aircraft with neo engine option of the European plane manufacturer, as seen on final approach for landing at Amsterdam Schiphol AMS EHAM International airport after a transatlantic long haul flight.

Nicolas Economou | NurPhoto | Getty Images

Hoping to take a European vacation this summer? You may be out of luck.

Borders in much of Europe have been closed to most U.S. citizens and vice versa for more than a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Airline executives on Thursday said they didn’t expect them to open in time for the peak

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New U.S. Airline Avelo Enters Competitive Travel Market

A new airline is launching, bringing more competition to a domestic travel market that was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic but has been showing signs of revival in recent months.

Avelo Airlines aims to serve smaller airports and routes that it says larger carriers have ignored or left behind. The new airline is scheduled to operate its first flight at the end of the month, flying from Burbank to Santa Rosa, Calif., and will initially serve 12 airports in western states.

Avelo was conceived before the pandemic upended the airline industry. After raising $125 million from investors in January 2020—a

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Airport crowds, airline ticket sales show travel recovering

American Airlines says bookings are coming back — they’re nearly at pre-pandemic levels

DALLAS — Evidence is mounting that Americans are eager to drive or fly somewhere after being mostly cooped up at home for a year.

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Millennial Airline Investors Are Up Double Since Buffett’s Departure

One year ago this month, our world changed in some pretty dramatic ways.

Take the stock market. Stuck at home and $1,200 richer thanks to the first coronavirus relief bill, millions of millennials and Gen Zers tried their hand at investing for the very first time. It’s estimated that some 10 million new brokerage accounts were opened in 2020, a record. Robinhood, the commission-free trading app, signed up 3 million new users in the first four months alone.

There are signs that these “amateur” investors aren’t going away any time soon. According to Credit Suisse, retail investors now account

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