Prospects for tourism and travel in a post-Covid South Africa

CIARAN RYAN: Tourism and travel have been devastated by the Covid lockdowns. South Africa had 2.4 million arrivals in the year to March 2020, but arrivals were virtually wiped out when the lockdown commenced in March of last year. With that thousands of hotels, restaurants and tourist resorts went on life support, reaching out for state-funded assistance. As the lockdown has eased and interprovincial travel has been relaxed, there’s some sign of a pickup in domestic tourism.

Joining us to discuss the prospects for tourism and travel in a post-Covid world is Lee-Ann Bac, director in advisory services at BDO.

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Airlines and countries extend travel bans on South Africa

UAE-based airline Emirates has announced that flights from South Africa will remain suspended until 20 March 2021.

This is in line with government directives that restrict the entry of travellers originating from South Africa into the UAE, the airline said in a notice published on its website.

Emirates said that daily passenger flights to Johannesburg will resume from 11 March as initially planned – however, outbound flights will remain suspended.

“Emirates remains committed to serving our customers in South Africa, and we look forward to resuming passenger services when conditions allow,” it said.

“We continue to work closely with all

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Travel apps you need to know in South Africa

Humanity has for many years continued to evolve and adapt to rapidly changing social and economic dynamics driven by the power of the internet. The internet age has impacted every sphere of life with individuals, families, businesses and institutions all steadily adopting digital tools and facilities to socialise and do business. The travel industry has also recorded a rapid rise in digital tools designed to improve or create convenience when it comes to travelling and enjoying experiences.

Apps in this regard have become reliable platforms that assist the general populace with finding locations, finding and double-checking ticket costs and booking,

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