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Loss of Shay is telling The firing of Jason Shay speaks volumes about the mindset

Loss of Shay is telling

The firing of Jason Shay speaks volumes about the mindset of many people of East Tennessee and the administration at ETSU as well.

The fans reaction to Coach Shay’s kneeling with his players in displaying total disgust with law enforcement’s brutality on black people was an act of love for his players. They kneel because it has been shown over and over again that the police will escalate the situation to get their own adrenaline charge going when they deal with minor situations with black people. They have been seen on film going all the way up to murdering unarmed black men.

Move along coach. Jesus himself said that love was more important than any law or commandment. That should be the goal of the people of East Tennessee instead of fighting for the right to fly the Confederate battle flag or carry your gun into the local Walmart.

I appreciate the Almighty sending Jesus to earth to straighten out all the religious BS that was going on back then, but it continues to go on today with many unhinged religious zealots.




Unwanted attention coming to ETSU

Coach Jason Shay’s “resignation” as the ETSU men’s basketball coach is going to put ETSU in a spotlight so bright, boosters and administrators will have a hard time squinting through the glare reflecting from their white robes.

I mean, only ETSU, in its infinite white wisdom, could force a coach to resign the same week as the trial to obtain justice for George Floyd. The timing is impeccable, and the word “kneeling” is likely to set a Google record this week both in the country at large and in the town of Johnson City. Who times these brilliant moves? Has glare from their robes blinded boosters to such a degree that they failed to check their calendars? Perhaps none of them watches CNN (a distinct possibility)? Or they’re just too arrogant to concern themselves (another distinct possibility)?

Perhaps General Shale can whip up a tombstone for ETSU athletics, which is how this is going to turn out. And then Honda can provide a ride to the appropriate cemetery where the programs will be buried.

The sheer cultural insensitivity of ETSU is going to get them nationally branded, and athletically, you can kiss the ETSU brand good-bye. Nice job with the timing and synergy, folks. When leadership is tone deaf to the times, that’s when institutions get run over and forgotten. The NAACP will have a field day with this. Shay could wind up on Oprah.

What a crew, this ETSU leadership cabal. Absolutely deaf to the world.


Johnson City


Plan beyond fossil fuels now

Remember the energy crises of the 1960s and the 1980s? Many thought the world was running out of oil. Many became concerned about how to supply the energy needed for the future by a rapidly growing world population.

From 1850 to 2020, humans have continued to discover and burn fossil fuels meeting the exponentially increasing human demand for energy. In so doing, we have manufactured life-threatening carbon dioxide and consumed life-giving oxygen.

Let’s examine the extremes. Past: Before humans started burning fossil fuels, the Earth’s atmosphere averaged 280 ppm CO2. Present: After 170 years of burning fossil fuels, the Earth’s atmosphere averages 420 ppm CO2. Future: After humans burn all the fossil fuels, the Earth’s atmosphere will average “?” ppm CO2.

The energy crisis has never gone away, and will never, unless humans work together to stabilize the world population, to use energy wisely, and to innovate sustainable sources of clean energy.

We are running out of time. A baby born today will be 29 years old in 2050. Let’s resolve this Earth Day 2021 to try to achieve together net-zero fossil fuel consumption by 2050.


Johnson City