Is Alonso right now after Vettel’s failed adventure? ‘Not the hoped-for saviour’

Sebastian Vettel is leaving Ferrari after five seasons without having fulfilled his dream of becoming World Champion with the Italians. For Fernando Alonso, it came as no surprise. In fact, he predicted it back in 2013.

Vettel’s departure

Vettel was told prior to the 2020 Formula One season that he would no longer be needed in 2021. Ferrari want to sail a new course and with Charles Leclerc they already have someone in house who can steer that ship. Carlos Sainz will have to fill Vettel’s spot, with the German taking a fresh opportunity at Aston Martin.

For Fernando Alonso, Vettel’s departure was not entirely unexpected. ”After five years it is clear that Vettel was not the saviour Ferrari had hoped for. Besides that it also became clear that Leclerc has more potential than Vettel,” the Spaniard told the Italian RAI. Alonso, however, had already foreseen this situation.

Alonso predicted decline of Vettel

By the end of 2013, it was Vettel who had won his fourth world title and Alonso was once again missing out with Ferrari. It was clear by now that Vettel had a big advantage because he drove for Red Bull, which had had the best car since 2010. Alonso was therefore not sure if Vettel would be able to do the same elsewhere.

”Time will tell. If he drives the same car as everyone else and he wins, then he will be a legend in F1. If he drives the same car and finishes fourth, fifth or seventh, those titles will be bad news. Then people will think even less of those four titles than they do now,” was Alonso’s prediction at the time.