Home And Accessory Design Inspired By Travel And Culture

Graf Lantz coasters of Merino wool felt, inspired by ones that were ubiquitous in Bavarian

Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz are the founders of Graf Lantz, a Los Angeles-based company whose artisanal line of homeware and personal accessories is firmly rooted in global travel and culture. 

The Graf Lantz collection—a fusion of German precision, Japanese perspective and California soul—builds upon and reflects the disparate geographical backgrounds of the founders. Daniel Lantz was born in Utah but found himself living in Japan. Holger Graf was raised in a gingerbread village in Germany before moving to Munich to pursue his doctorate in structural engineering. The partners now live in LA.

Graf Lantz products are deceptively simple. Most are handmade of Bavarian Merino wool felt. In addition to being functional, they’re colorful, eye-catching and invite the sense of touch. In fact, the fabric seems to be addictive; people purchase one item and impulsively buy another.