It’s time to break out of our rooms — and travel (opinion)

But a couple of questions hover: Why do we actually want to go “abroad” in the first place? Will the experience be different if we do?

I’ve been lucky to live abroad for long periods, having spent seven years in college in Scotland in the late ’60s and early ’70s. That whetted my appetite for living a kind of transatlantic life. I’ve spent a good deal of time in Italy, the country of my grandparents, and it’s been the rare year when I haven’t sat in a café in Rome or Naples, walked in the Scottish countryside, or dined with … read more

Vaccinated Travelers Face Chaos and Confusion

Governments, tourism boards, airlines, hotel companies, travel agencies and cruise operators, along with tour bus drivers, housekeepers, local guides, pilots, restaurateurs, museum operators, bed-and-breakfast hosts, entertainers, caterers, fishermen, shopkeepers and bar owners — in short, all the people standing to profit from tourism dollars — are facing extreme economic pressure not to lose out on another tourism season. The past year without travel, when international arrivals dropped from 1.5 billion to 381 million, was devastating. For many, another similar year would be unthinkable.

And so an already stressed system has been forced to confront an existential quandary: Do

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Could vaccine passports be your ticket to quarantine-free vacations?

Yagi Studio | DigitalVision | Getty Images

Needing documents to travel is nothing new — after all, checking in for a flight requires some form of ID, and if you’re bound for somewhere foreign, it’ll have to be a passport. The same goes for car or train trips that cross the U.S. border, where from 2023 you’ll need that blue booklet or a state-issued Real ID.

But a passport to simply check into a hotel or board a cruise ship? It’s a distinct possibility in this age of pandemic-related restrictions. The idea of so-called vaccine passports proving inoculation against

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Gov. Whitmer Signs Bipartisan Bill Investing in Outdoor Recreation in 76 Communities


Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed a bipartisan bill that appropriates $37.8 million in Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants to support 76 recreational projects and land purchases throughout Michigan.

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board recommended the funding to increase the quality and amount of public outdoor recreation opportunities in Michigan.

The funding will support trail systems, acquisitions of high quality, unique natural resources including geological features, wildlife habitat and Great Lake and river access, and and extensive range of projects that will expand opportunities across the state for fishing, camping, biking, hiking and snowmobiling.

“The Michigan Natural Resources

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Terry Johnson’s departure leaves void in Ohio State coaching staff

Former Ohio State assistant coach Terry Johnson (right) calls out from the bench during an Ohio State game. Credit: Courtesy of Ohio State Athletics

Chris Holtmann has been scouring the transfer portal for prospective players to join the Buckeyes for the 2021-22 season and will have to examine the market for another assistant coach, too.

On April 22, former Ohio State assistant men’s basketball coach Terry Johnson announced he will depart the Buckeyes’ program after four seasons and join Purdue, where he accepted a similar — but different — role with the Boilermakers.

In an interview with JoJo Gentry of

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Ahead of busy travel season, airline and hotel workers say they are already stretched to their limit

As more Americans get vaccinated and more states lift their restrictive measures, the travel and tourism sector is already finding itself behind the curve, with employees from hotels to airport coffee shops saying they are stretched to their limit.

“Between January and today, the amount of people that are flying now is absolutely asinine, it’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it, not yet, maybe summer,” said Dymond Blossom, a flight attendant for a regional subsidiary of American Airlines. As of March, her hours have nearly doubled, she said.

While Blossom said she is happy to see the airlines recovering, “mask policing”

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