One year later, Austin Community Recreation Center

It was a feeling of excitement all around for people in Austin just one year

It was a feeling of excitement all around for people in Austin just one year ago when the community Recreation Center opened. 

“We went from just over 1,000 members to 2,000 members in the matter of a month,” said Executive Director of the YMCA,  Diane Baker. 

The YMCA facility is part of the rec center. Baker said the excitement changed once the pandemic hit. 

“That quickly came to an end on March 17th when we had to close our doors,” said Baker. 

The next few months were not what anyone expected. 


“We took that time to hone some of our cleaning processes, we did a lot of changes to make sure that we could reopen safely. We reopened safely, we reopened in June, closed down again in November, and reopened again in January,” said Baker. 

Some things are still closed down like the sauna, indoor playground, and the family fun pool. 

Baker said the family fun pool was a big hit when it was open. 

“The capacity is so limited in this area particularly the family fun pool which was literally one of the most popular spots when we opened because it is not only open to our members but our community members as well,” said Baker. 

She said they’re proud to continue to serve the community safely and are looking toward the future. 

“We’re ready to expand and really we have some exciting ideas as far as fitness classes and things on the fitness floor, kids fitness, some outdoor stuff,” said Baker. 


The Austin Community Recreation Center uses a reservation system for each place inside of the facility that is open to help with contact tracing. 

So far, Baker said they have no known cases of COVID-19 that have been traced or contracted inside of the facility. 

The center also has a touchless temperature taker at the front and social distance makers between the machines.