Major character leaves the show in shock departure

The latest episode of Riverdale season 5 saw a beloved character make a heartbreaking departure.

The latest episode of Riverdale season 5 saw a beloved character make a heartbreaking departure.

Riverdale season 5 has been full of shock twists and turns – and that’s only after two TV episodes! So far, we have seen high school sweethearts Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge agree to go their separate ways, Betty and Jughead solve the mystery of the Auteur and Charles Smith reveal that he’s a serial killer (because of course he is).

The latest episode, however, may have been the most hard-hitting of the season thus far. A graduation special, “Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation”, marked the end of an era for Riverdale the show’s core group of characters graduated from Riverdale High, bringing the end to an incredibly strange era in their lives.

This was supposed to be the show’s fourth season finale and, while emotions were running high, another character revealed that they would be leaving town. That character was FP Jones.

Why is Skeet Ulrich leaving Riverdale season 5?

FP Jones made the decision that it was time for him to leave Riverdale behind so that he could take daughter Jellybean away from the corrupt town of Riverdale. The father of Jughead Jones, Jellybean Jones and, uh, Charles Smith decided that the time had come for him to protect his daughter from the dangers of the town – and that’s exactly what he did. But the former Serpent-turned-Sheriff didn’t leave until he shared an emotional farewell with his “boy” that he was proud of, embracing Jughead after his graduation from high school.

Of course, no farewell would be complete without a tearful farewell with the woman he loves and, with that, FP said goodbye to his beloved Alice Cooper with an emotional kiss.

Skeet Ulrich revealed last year that he would be exiting the series because he “got bored creatively”. In spite of that, nobody was ready to see FP Jones ride off into the sunset.

But man, what a way to leave!

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