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Biden flying to Delaware despite CDC warnings to avoid travel

President Biden is expected to travel to Delaware this weekend, in what will be his first out-of-town trip since taking office, despite warnings from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to avoid travel.

The CDC’s guidance this week said that “travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19,” and recommended “that you do not travel at this time.”


Biden, who has a home outside Wilmington, Delaware, is expected to fly on Air Force One and will avoid much of the travel risks

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When will holidays abroad start again? Latest travel news and updates

MANY families have been unable to go on holiday for nearly a year since the beginning of the pandemic.

Here is everything you need to know about holidays restarting this year.


Here is what you need to know about going on holiday again this yearCredit: Alamy Live News

What are the current holiday rules?

Under the current UK lockdown rules, Brits are not allowed to go on holiday either in the country or abroad.

The government website states: “You must not travel, including abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so. It is illegal

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What you need to know before you go

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, here’s what you’ll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the global coronavirus pandemic.

a girl standing in front of a curtain: Japan offers a heady mix of the cutting edge and deeply traditional.

© BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP via Getty Images
Japan offers a heady mix of the cutting edge and deeply traditional.

The basics

Japan was lauded for containing the virus during the first wave but has seen a surge in cases, with a major spike in November and December.

As of January 28, Japan has diagnosed 372,545 cases of the virus and 5,298 deaths.

Currently, twelve prefectures are now in an official state of emergency: Aichi,

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American Airlines said 13,000 employees could be furloughed, blaming slow vaccine rollout and travel restrictions

a airplane that is parked on the side of a road: An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

© Joe Raedle/Getty Images
An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • American Airlines said Wednesday 13,000 employees were at risk of being furloughed.
  • The potential furloughs include 1,850 pilots and 4,245 flight attendants.
  • A slow vaccine rollout and restrictions on international travel have dampened demand, American said.
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American Airlines said on Wednesday that 13,000 employees were at risk of furlough when a US aid package for airline workers expires on April 1, blaming slow vaccine rollouts and new international travel restrictions for dampening demand.


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Judge has yet to rule on whether Capitol rioter can travel to Mexico

CLAIM: A judge gave a woman who participated in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol permission to go to Mexico on a vacation before her trial.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Jenny Cudd, who has been charged for participating in the Capitol insurrection, has asked a judge to grant her travel request. The judge has not yet ruled.

THE FACTS: Jenny Cudd is facing two federal misdemeanor charges after she posted a video bragging that she was part of a group that broke down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s door on Jan. 6. She is accused of entering a restricted building

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Air Travel’s 2021 Rebound Threatened by Virus Flares, IATA Says

(Bloomberg) — Forecasts for a significant recovery in air travel this year could be wide of the mark as new coronavirus strains extend travel restrictions, according to the airline industry’s trade body.

a room that has a sign on the side of a building: A passenger wheels a suitcase through a deserted arrivals hall at Madrid Barajas airport, in Madrid.

© Bloomberg
A passenger wheels a suitcase through a deserted arrivals hall at Madrid Barajas airport, in Madrid.

Passenger traffic may improve by only 13% compared with last year in a worst-case scenario, the International Air Transport Association said Wednesday. That compares with an official forecast of a 50% rebound issued in December.


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Tough curbs on cross-border trips in response to new Covid-19 flareups could stifle

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