5 ways to explore during load shedding

By Clinton Moodley Mar 15, 2021 Share this article: ShareTweetShareShareShareEmailShare Load shedding can be a

By Clinton Moodley Mar 15, 2021

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Load shedding can be a nightmare, especially when you are exploring a new destination.

With Eskom implementing stage 2 to replenish emergency generation reserves, travellers can work around the schedule to ensure they have the best travel adventures… even when the lights go out.

Here are some tips:

Factor load shedding into your schedule

Factor the load shedding times in your itinerary to help you plan your trip better. Depending on the time of day, you can move your itinerary around to make the most of your trip.

Travellers can opt to stay at their accommodation or drive to activity sites nearby, the options are endless. See the schedule here: www.eskom.co.za/Pages/LS_schedules.aspx

Venture out, enjoy the great outdoors

Ditch the technology and enjoy some much needed time in nature. South Africa boasts many natural attractions that boast the culture and beauty of the city.

You could either spend a day at the beach (if you are visiting a coastal city), go hiking or picnic at one of the parks. The options are endless- and it is bound to make great pictures. Keep in mind the lockdown restrictions.

Go on a foodie tour

The only perk about load shedding is that areas within a province experience it at different times. You can easily spend time exploring the food offerings of the destination during load shedding.

Do a quick search or ask for recommendations on social media groups about foodie places you can visit at your destination. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone, exploring during load shedding and satisfying your tummy.

Road trips are fun during power cuts

Road trips are a great way to explore a nearby town and to discover hidden gems along the way. Don’t venture out too far. A 30 to 40 minute drive is sufficient. You could make pit stops along the way or book an activity. Road trips are a safer way to travel during the pandemic.

Go hotel hopping

Most hotels have generators (find out if they do before you go). Hotel hopping is a great way to explore nearby hotels and it’s attractions. Whether you are taking selfies in one, watching the sunset while indulging in a cocktail or dining on sushi with a view.

Find out what unique offerings the hotel has before you go.